Order Baby Items Online

Baby articles order online

Log in to view order history - Track order - George. We have selected the items, they just need to order online. I'm just planning on getting the car seat before the baby's born because you need it to get out of the hospital. Our Boots Store in our departure hall stocks a complete range of baby milk and baby articles. Just visit the Boots website to buy your items and collect them in the store.

Traveling with kids

No matter whether your little ones want to buy their favorite cartoon or be pampered by World Duty Free, there are many ways to entertain your young. And don't forget the great views of the airport from the departures hall - the ideal place to observe aircraft navigating the sky and fascinate kids and family.

Our Boots shop in our departures hall has a complete assortment of baby milks and baby articles. If you wish, you can order your own breastmilk in advance and pick it up at the shop. In order to make sure that your order reaches us on schedule, please order online within at least 5 workingdays after your flights. There' s also a boat in the departures hall, just in case you forget to take some extra diapers with you!

Namco Spiele attracts many older childrens with its arcades athmosphere. There' re arcades, slots, an airport hackey board and cranes where you can begin your vacation with a new one! Simply make sure that your child wants to depart in good time for the plane..... Thanks to the all-new Airside Andy Player iPod, our Aspire Lounge now offers the best pre-flight fun for your child.

Featuring child-friendly pills pre-installed with a variety of fun activities to keep your little ones busy while you unwind before your flights. The World Duty Free has an amazing selection of candy, travelling gear and kids' toy, and offers the chance to entertain kids both on the floor and at 35,000 feet!

The majority of our restaurants offer a variety of baby foods and children's snacks to suit children's taste. Flying Hippo and our Bar 11 restaurants offer a variety of entertaining dining experiences for youngsters. Here, stationary and imaginative materials can be purchased to ensure that the child is amused while waiting for the plane or traveling.

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