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Organical hand disinfectant for sticky hands & toys

Parents can have to wipe their gooey finger several different times per year. Glutinous finger toys not only give a tacky feeling, but also offer the ideal setting for breeding bacterial. Naturally foamed means that soil, germ and impurities are removed with a splash and its manageable dimensions make it ideal for everyday use.

Disinfect gooey hands, faces, toys and high stools with the anti-septic qualities of Tea Tree and the refreshing lemon fragrance of orange and mandarin. Now see the Bio-Kinder Klebenden Hand Cleaner.

Beemoss organic hand-made toys. Change life one scam at a time. Mmm.

The Bebemoss studios are a meeting place for Syrian mother refugees and privileged mothers of Turkish origin to make this wonderful hand-made organic toy. Nowadays, the marque has a fellowship of over 80 women on it, who are often referred to as Mommieurs. If they' re all together, in a nice home setting, magical things happen. This toy is completely hand-made; bear, lion, monkey and elephant from organic cottons.

The toys are all made with loving care. Our products are manufactured according to the highest European toy safety regulations (En 71) and the highest possible standard of manufacturing. Organically grown thread. Beemoss uses local grown and high grade GOTS certificated GOTS approved organic fibres, which are wound to the required size in our own workshop.

Even only local manufactured high-quality allergenic filling, which is certificated according to the ├ľKO-Tex-Standard 100. Manufactured from high-quality plastics that contain no Phthalate or other pollutants. Workplaces are enduring, because whether they make toys from the shop or from home, they can take their little ones with them and help reconcile their work and their lives.

In addition, each of the toys marketed through its website will help to make a donation to continue the support programmes for displaced persons, in particular with regard to educational support. Recently Bebemoss began a cooperation with the Small Projects Istanbul based on Syrian Refugee Congregation Center, from where more and more mother refugees join the group. However, if you like to write and be a permanent contributor, join our fellowship of reporters and blogs!

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