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Spoil them in one of our selected outfits available at M&S for girls. The Arcadia Group enters the world of children's clothing with Outfit Kids.

The Arcadia Group will enter a new segment of the London clothing industry: children's clothing. In September of this year, Outfit Kids, a style-driven children's clothing label offering trendy fashions for young women and men between 18 month and 12 years of age, will be launched. Assortment is aimed at offering value, service and value "for the fashiistas of the future" at an affordable cost between 7 and 45lb.

Kids Outfit is available in select independent outfit boutiques as well as a number of Dorothy Perkins and Burton boutiques. It will also be available on-line through the Arcadia Group Wallis, Dorothy Perkins and Burton web sites. The Arcadia Group is also looking to find new wholesalers to sell the children's clothing label worldwide and work with its existing affiliates.

"The introduction of a children's clothing line follows an extended consumer survey of all Arcadia buying Arcadia makes, and they said they wanted funny, classy items with good value and value for money for their children. It is being launched as the clothing retailing group aims to broaden its product portfolio and broaden its client base as UK consumer demands for children's clothing that is sleek and accessible continue to grow.

Arcadia Group's children's fashion début is another source of income for the Arcadia Group to increase overall turnover as customers change their buying patterns. The Outfit Kids AB17 line will be launched at the beginning of September, a party wear line will be launched later this year.

Petal, Jamie and Jools Oliver's daugther

Do you need your own idea for World Books Day and your child's outfit inspired?" F: When is World Books Day 2018? This year, you won't have a World Book Day meltdown. No. Look at these outfit concepts...... One of Jamie Oliver's wives, Jools, clothed one of her little ladies as Matilda from Roald Dahl's work.

Ex-Hollyoak actor Gemma Bissix disguised her little child Juliette as a little girl from her favourite book: "For Rex, WBD is like any other date. "Even the soccer player Rio Ferdinand got his kids into the mood! One of Jamie Oliver's wives, Jools, clothed one of her little ladies as Matilda from Roald Dahl's work.

The British host Kate Garraway has divided an excerpt from her two children with captions: And she said, "World Book Fair 2017...... twice the effort!!! Or make your lifestyle a little more stunning and buy these Amazon mouthpieces and tails for just 4. 30 with free shipping. Purchase The Gruffalo's Child from Julia Donaldson of Amazon, £3.99.

They can even get blues complexion from Amazon for only £2.62. Purchase the Thomas the Tank Engine book from Amazon, £4.99. Following the instructions in the below tutorial videos to make a face masque, feet and cock, combine with an original yellow or yellow t-shirt and leggings/trousers and you're done.

Simplify your daily routine by getting a foxtail and Amazon ear for just £3.89. Fetch the Fantastic Mr. Foxtrot by Roald Dahl of Amazon, £5.99. You can buy the Pinocchio for £3. 19 at Amazon. Purchase the cat in the hat from Dr Seuss of Amazon for £3.99.

But if your little one is hypersensitive to facial colour, only one of these Winnie The Pooh face packs from Amazon is available for £2.49. Take a seat on the broom from Julia Donaldson of Amazon, £3.49. Fetch the Peter Pan from J.M. Barrie of Amazon for £2.50. Purchase the tiger that came to tea from Judith Kerr of Amazon for £3.99.

And if you prefer, you can get the elephant's trunks and tails from Amazon for 3.95 and just stitch on them. Purchase Elmer from David McKee at Amazon for £3.99. Purchase Roald Dahl's BFG at Amazon for £3.49. Purchase the Angelina Ballerina by Katharine Holabird from Amazon for £5.60.

Purchase Eric Carle's very hungry Caterpillar at Amazon for £3.99. It'?s an easier victory for World Book Day, you gotta believe us. Even buy a child romper at Amazon Lions for £12. 99 here. Download the Young Reader's Edition of The Wizard Of Oz from Amazon for only £4.89.

Purchase the Paddington Little Library from Amazon for £4.00. The Rainbow Fantasy by Marcus Pfister is available for purchase at Amazon for £5.24. Buy a Primark romper, a set of pet lugs and a golden wreath. Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak at Amazon for £3.99.

Or just buy it at Amazon for £3.50. Purchase the Disney Alice In Wonderland Amazon Books for £3.17. You can also buy a finished product at Amazon for £16.44. "Combine this face painting style with a fleecy sweater and leg warmers and you have your own little Hedwig.

Bring this important component - whiteness - from Amazon for only £2.74. Bring a classy Alice In Wonderland or Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz with a great pair of black and turquoise aprons (you need to wear good old boots!). Become imaginative - a blued face, some dressings and a striped black -and-white T-shirt is a fast Mr. Bump - or customize it to be The Smurfs.

Braun bunny ear, a little face color, a bluecock, and braun t-shirt and pants or Leggings make a Peter rabbit very simple. Flog a flogging blank fog (slightly greasy!) and let your little one cling to a paper sign and blade to be Hercules or Athena, or push some synthetic queues into her own little Medusa head.

With an old leaf, markers and shears, your children can be turned effortlessly into Alice In Wonderland packs. Made for an outfit inspiring Charles Dicken.... Combine them with face color or yogurt bills and it's an easier way to turn your worm into a little duckling or chicken.

So what will your kid be wearing for World Book Day?

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