Pink Baby car

Baby pink car

Neopink baby seat. Neopink baby seat. Babyseats & baby carriage equipment The latest advances in elongated backseat construction and the i-Size standards now offer more choices than ever. From Group 0+ to Group 3, all our car seating complies with all the latest security regulations so you can safely buy your car. 1,2,3 group car seating are high-backed child car seating with belts designed for use from 9 to 12 years.

Rain covers for the car boot to keep your child drier when you transport it from the car inside or when you use your car boot in a stroller with travelling system. Car group 0.1 Combi car fits are from childbirth to 4 years old, backward directed from childbirth and forward directed from 9 kg or 15 month.

The Group 0+ car seat is designed from the start, backward directed and includes neonatal insert and carrying handle for ease of transport. 2.3 group car seat are high back child safety seat without seat belt. This seat is designed for older kids 4 years and older. The car seat sizes I can be used as rear-facing and front-facing car seat.

With an ISOFIX joint, they are conceived in such a way that kids stay behind for longer. The car seating in group 1 is forward directed and can be used by people aged between 9 and 4 years. The majority of chairs can be tilted for a more reclined sleep posture. Indispensable car seating components such as reflective reflectors, belt covers and windows.

Sockets for car seating makes such as Britax, Joie, Cosatto and Hauck as well as car sockets and ISOFIX sockets. Replacement parts and fittings for a wide range of car seating, as well as seating coverings for makes such as Maxi-Cosi and Britax. The child safety chairs in group 3 are designed for kids aged 4 and over.

Maxi-Cosi and Jane Moon car foot bags and Jane Moon car foot bags as well as general purpose car foot bags used for a number of different car seating makes. Maintain your little one on long car rides by buying a few playthings attached to your child's car seats.

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