Places to buy Cheap Baby Clothes

Where to buy cheap baby clothes

Want to see prices in USD currency? Wherever to buy cheap baby clothes in Bali - Bali Message Board Whilst I was not looking at the qualities etc, I saw baby clothes in Hardy's in Sanur. There is another Mutahari in Kuta and another one in Denpasar. Along Jalan Legian there are also a number of baby/child clothing stores. Check out the Matahari malls, there are 3 in Bali.

Children clothes I found very cheap and of very good qualit. Can I suggest that you DO NOT take any clothes or as little as possible with you as you can buy clothes at sensible price. The ramaayana in Denpasar and carryfour (Sunset rd near Kuta) also has a vast choice and very cheap price. Baby clothes, footwear, stockings, hats, accessoires are so cheap that you won't believe it. Hardy's in SANUR sells some good grade baby articles both above and some baby articles down in the mart.

I had to get out of Matahari. The clothes were all so sweet and I had to buy a new check-in pocket to take them all home. Every one I see the families, the grandchildren still wear the clothes and hand them over.

Buying baby clothes from the top at Hardy's in Sanur. Hi, I suppose the baby clothes they sell at Hardy's and Matrix are not from Bali, but from Australia, which is okay. can i also find some nifty clothes locally, like trousers etc...for baby? i'm sure you'll be lucky with the range of clothes at malls such as matahari, ramayana, hardy's etc. many of them are different from ounce baby clothes. they have great designs, nifty prints, applications and all those added extra's that set them apart from australian baby equipment.

I also bought some great children's clothes at the shopping centre in balanced, there is another mahari, but I also get stuff from a baby shop on the first floor, can't miss it! indiigo kid' is more australian in price, but good value and good value for money, even though the boy assortment is not as big as what the girl's are wearing. you will find a lots of t-shirts and short shirts in the many shops in the area, which will be everywhere you go. you have to deal with them.

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