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When you have some clothes that you need to ship, you've come to the right place. Products range from cosmetics to clothing and from music to furniture. Cheap supermarket for baby needs? - The Americas Forum

Cheap supermarket for baby needs? Formulated powdered milks, which includeow and gate, Nestlé and Milupa branded products, are available in super markets and pharmacies (also in Iceland, but very expensive). Hero is a famous spain label and HIPP Organic. You can also buy bottle, nipple, dummy and baby bottle glasses.

In the production of bottle drinking is generally secure but I know don´t everyone who does, we all bottle drinking 1.07 euros for 8 liters of very cheaply. Find a low potassium label - or if you want, you can buy special destilled waters for your baby from farmacias.

Even if your baby loves a glass of milky water, most of our milks are due to the hot weather but you can get clean milks that are not near the milks in the supermarket but in the refrigerators, so make sure you have a refrigerator in your home as it is very fast.

Berlin's 5 best boulevards

If you are visiting a big German capitol like Berlin, a stroll in the morning is part of your plan. Buying abroad is always something special: Various stores, different rates and mostly a different ambience. And the good thing is that Berlin is a great place to shop:

There are many places to shop combined with attractive places to visit, low price and good access to most stores. Due to the fact that the different areas are very different from each other, it can be useful to make a comparison between the different areas before you go to Berlin. Here you find the 5 best purchasing areas in Berlin in a listing.

If it is freezing, it is very comfortable to buy your clothing in a covered mall. Within a short walk from Alexanderplatz you can see Alexa. I think Alexa earns first place in this ranking, because when it comes to comfort, this is the best place to shop in Berlin.

You' re better off with numbers 2, 3 or 4 on that roster. However, it is still a fact that Alexa excels in comfort due to its centrally located business centre and the large number of retail outlets in Berlin. This shopping centre has 180 different businesses and is over 56 years old.

In addition to the regular stores, you can also relax on the food court and choose one of the 17 cafes. Alexa can be quite overcrowded on a regular Saturday, but luckily the center is open from 10am. 100, so that there is enough free space for your purchases. Alexa is definitely the place for you if you are looking for an efficient Berlin purchasing afternoons.

Getting to Alexa: Business in this center: Kurfürstendamm is located in the Charlottenburg district, in the western part of Berlin. The road has an impressing story, but also has a lot of stores for Berlin residents and visitors. There are also many tasty eateries in the area around Kurfürstendamm and it is definitely a good idea to go to the Gedächtniskirche if you want to connect this place with a tourist destination.

On Kurfürstendamm, the Kurfürstendamm, the shopaholic will have fun because there are over 100 stores. The Kurfürstendamm is already a worthwhile place to go simply because of the KaDeWe. While the Mall of Berlin doesn't "perform" as well as you might expect, if you've come to Berlin for groceries, you'll have to go to this area.

It' also nice that you can visit this mall in combination with the Jewish Memorial, the Sony Centre and even the Brandenburg Gate. Website: www.mallofberlin. de Number of Shops: 270 Opening hours: This is how you get to the Mall of Berlin: Business: Unlike Kurfürstendamm and Friedrichstraße, where there are many exclusives and luxuries, young people and college kids are usually better off buying at Hackescher Markt in Berlin.

A large area with some stores and eateries directly at Hackescher Markt. Fashion fans can spend a funny buying afternoon in Berlin with stores such as Diesel, Pepe Jeans and Adidas. On and around Hackescher Markt there are many sweet, tasty and inexpensive cafes. The Hackische Markt with its centrally situated area, its comfortable restaurant and the many interesting stores is one of the best places to shop in Berlin.

Business: The Friedrichstraße is one of the most beautiful places in Berlin for tourists to shop. When you are a traveler, you may be interested not only in business but also in tourism sights. Friedrichstraße is intimately linked to the city' s wealth of historical events and the Second World War.

While you are doing your grocery shopping, you can choose to take a short rest at Checkpoint Charlie (subway station: Kochstraße) or for parts of the Berlin Wall. In addition to its rich past, Friedrichstrasse is also known for its luxury class boutiques. This part of Berlin with stores like Gucci, Hugo Boss and Breitling is especially interesting for those with a large household budgets.

However, the fact that the price is higher does not mean that Friedrichstraße is not interesting for other people. Everyone loves to go to boutiques and have a little dreaming, right? Luckily, there are also a small number of regular stores. It'?s for the dads and friends who love shopping: In this area there are also many dealerships, so that perhaps buying in Friedrichstraße is not so poor after all.

This is how you get to Friedrichstraße: Friedrichstraße railway station. Schlossstraße should not be missed as a surname in the Berlin retail district listing. A small extra, because this street is a little further away from the centre: The Steglitz area is 12.5 km away from Alexanderplatz.

Schlossstraße boasts many stores and the highlights include a large outdoor mall called Berlin Boulevard. Berlin Boulevard is a great place for fanatical shoppers to spend an entire day, because here you will find all the well-known names. G-Star to Mexx and Zare to Hollister, everything can be found on Berlin's Boulevard.

An advantage of this street in Berlin is the fact that you won't find so many tourist. Other places in this schedule are more centrally situated and closer to the tourist attractions, so it can be too much and unpleasant to go there in high seasons.

If you really want to shop undisturbed in Berlin, Schlossstraße might be a better option than Kurfürstendamm or Alexa. Schlossstraße railway station in the southern part of Berlin. Like you can see in the above checklist, there are many ways to go to Berlin for your purchases.

When you really want to shop for a few lessons, I recommend you go to Alexa or Berlin Boulevard. However, those who only want to see a few stores between the rides can better go to Friedrichsstraße or Kurfürstendamm. You want to take some of my memorabilia home with you? You can find my articles about 10 great Berlin memorabilia here.

I hope this is helpful if you want to go to Berlin for your purchases and if you have any question, please feel free to get in touch with me. In the following you will find the card with all Berlin retail areas.

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