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Where to buy baby clothes

Looking for: Twin Baby Clothes! Cynon Taff, Rhondda Cynon Taff. Cynon Taff, Rhondda Cynon Taff. Learn how to donate your baby and clothes, toys, strollers and other equipment to needy children and families in Surrey. Here we are to support children and families in the region.

What is the best way to give baby clothes, toy and gear?

Many of you are so thankful to want to make donations to help needy locals. Stripey Stork's offices are located in Redhill, Surrey. When you are not in our area, please click here to find out where you can make a donation of your nearest toy, clothing and other children's item.

Have a look at our wish lists, which you will find in the News section of this page, as they are refreshed every months and indicate which articles we need and which we would rather not have. Cleaning and checking all objects you take with you - we want the recipient to think they are getting a present, not charity.

Contributions can be made to our offices on the following dates/times:

The Kourtney Kardashian stores in the luxurious children's shop

Penelope Disick already has a wardrobe littered with design footwear at the age of three month. Holding the Kardashians Stern turned minds on Tuesday's fashionable Worth Avenue while buying in a baby shop design. Kourtney was anxious to keep her little baby and her two-year-old big sister Mason well-equipped and made his way to the Bonpoint children's wear shop to see the range of baby wear on sale.

Baby wallet heaven', she twittered during the stroll. It is likely that the 33-year-old celebrity bought the object, or something else, to equip her little ones with it when she left the shop with a sack. Ensuring that she put a stylish front leg herself, Kourtney wore a cowhide dress coupled with a blue marine and blue shirt for your outing.

With his younger sibling, the celebrity, who plays the Florida real-life show spin-off Kourntey & Kim Take Miami with his younger sibling, uses her free timeframe away from L.A. - and is often seen in upscale retail stores. At the beginning of this year Kourtney paid a visit to the designer shop in France named Cereline.

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