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Born Twins have fun playing with baby toys. With this Lelin Wooden Star pram, let your child be like a mommy. Put your baby doll in place and stroll with them through the city, the park or even go shopping with her.

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Trolleys and pushchairs let your baby take his favorite puppets with him. Select from easy baby stroller style for small kids or sophisticated replica of genuine strollers that will make your baby look mature. Puppet shows make it possible for kids to play back different sceneries and invent fiction.

Babydoll accessory is a great way to make your child's puppets look new again. Kids, for example, enjoy dressing and undressing their toy with puppet clothing.

Prams & baby buggies

Pushchairs and walkers are the simplest way to get your baby from A to B and most of our baby stroller and stroller styles are designed from the moment of delivery to the moment of infancy. Urban dwellers might find a light stroller that best suits their needs, especially if they are often on the move.

Those wearable styles don't weight much, so they're easily moveable, and most are easily collapsible. Some of the best prams have extra tips on how to keep your baby secure. With our stroller accessory parts, you can extend your child's stroller with further functions later. There are many add-ons from drink holder for your early bird tea to stroller board for older brothers and sisters, with which you can really personalise your baby's journey.

There are many different ways your child can be seated, from the parent's side to the outside to the fully customizable stroller range. Pushchairs are designed for newborn babies as long as they have a lie-flat on them. When you are not sure what type of stroller you need, our stroller buyer guides can help you make the right choices.

We also have the largest choice, and all meet the latest security requirements.

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Little ones will enjoy to play with their mom with our great assortment of baby puppets here at Very. We have life-like puppets that imitate the baby's evolution - from learning to go for a stroll and weeping baby puppets that actually lose moisture to those that need to be fed and cuddled regular. Bring fanciful play to the next level with our beautiful collection of doll carriage .

Rummage through well-known names such as Silver Cross and Bayer and find the ideal play accessories. Pretend offers kids the chance to relate to the adults' worlds and build socially responsible abilities that will play an important role in their upbringing. Caring rolls, such as mother puppets, help your little one to grasp and appreciate the outside worlds through her emotions.

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