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Prize-winning products for pregnancy, maternity, baby and family. Lullaby Trust gives some important tips to help you choose the right sleep aid:

Founded by trustable brand names and available in well-known shops, the non-profit organisation says: "Manufacturers collect imprecise information about the security of their product, and since there are no security levels relating to abrupt child mortality disorder, it is very hard for a parent to know which product is secure for their baby.

She had given the caveat when she launched Safe Sleep Week, which ran from 12 to 18 March. Lullaby Trust has published a guide sponsored by Public Health England to help new and prospective mothers make more confident decisions about sleep aids for their baby. "The Lullaby Trust gives some important tips to help families choose sleep pills:

  • Make sure that everything you buy for your baby to sleep on is solid, watertight and completely shallow, with no elevated or padded areas. To learn more about selecting baby sleeping accessories or to view and print the Baby Sleeping Baby Care Manual, please go to the website here . Immediate Child Dying Disorder (SIDS) is the abrupt and inexplicable deaths of an infant in which no cause is found after a thorough study postsmortem.

What the causes of SIDS are is not known. You can, however, significantly decrease the likelihood of SIDS by adhering to a more secure sleeping pattern. Shared a room with your baby for the first six month - this can cut the chances of SIDS in half. Don't ever bed your baby on a couch or chair as this can multiply the chances of SIDS by 50.

Don't sleep with your baby if you or your baby's companion has been drunk, smoking, taking illegal substances, or is unusually sleepy, or if your baby was born prematurely or of low natal mass, as these infants have a higher chance of developing SIDS. Prevent your baby from getting too warm.

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