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Campbridgeshire Life

Charities have alerted children to the popular sedatives for infants who do not adhere to safe maternity policies. Lullaby Trust, which helps surviving relatives and raise consciousness about child mortality has published a schedule of sedatives that should not be used on infants under 12 months of age.

Last month's Safe Sleep Week (12-18 March) saw the launch by the UK based Safe Health Foundation of a guide to inform young people of the most safe decisions they can make when purchasing baby care products. Talking to Belfast Live, Francine Bates, Managing Director of the Lullaby Foundation, said: You found that 91 percent of those surveyed said they were looking for safe night care when purchasing a baby pillow - even though 41 percent of those still thought they would buy a baby snooze or baby pods.

Lullaby Trust gives some important tips to help you choose the right pill for you: Make sure that everything you buy for your baby to sleep on is solid, watertight and completely shallow, with no elevated or padded areas. More information on selecting baby slumber products or downloading the baby slumber guides can be found on the website here.

Subway News

They argue that proof shows that a baby's sleep on nothing but a solid, shallow bed or the use of softer, heavier bed linen can raise the likelihood of SIDS. According to the organization, many of the products manufactured by reliable brand names have been inaccurately described by their manufacturer.

Since there are no SIDS related security levels, it is very hard for a parent to know which products are secure for their baby. When selecting sleeping accessories for a baby, there are actually only a few important things that a parent needs, and it is not necessary to invest a fortune in many products or select more costly brand names.

Being part of Safe Sleep Week this weekend, the organisation has published a Public Health England (PHE) sponsored guide to help new and prospective families make more confident decisions about sleep aids for their baby.

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