Pregnancy Samples

gestational samples

The tissue bank will focus on samples related to healthy and abnormal pregnancies. Random samples and data - Global Pregnancy CoLab Need an on-line data base to assist your research work? Global Pregnancy Cooperation (CoLab) has developed a standardised pregnancy data base available on-line to interested researchers in low, medium and high incomes producing states. COOPERATION TO THE UNDERSTANDING OF COMPLICATED DISEASES: preclampsia and ├╝berse pregtancy outcomes The strategic approach of intelligent cooperation has speeded up the progress of research and development.

The cooperation that Professor Robert Adams in 2013 identifies as a cooperation in the fourth age of research is reflected in an ever growing number of multicentre scientific papers. Co-operation has been the focus of the European Commission's research policy and the European Commission has presented a report on business outcomes. Threshold countries such as South America have also recognised the value of cooperation.

GLOBAL PREGNANCY CO-OPERATION (COLAB) Co-lab is a syndicate of multinational research groups with research results and biologic samples of females before, during and in some cases long after a negative pregnancy outcomes. Those datas and samples are stored in a common databank for the entire member and are available to the members of the laboratory and the examiners donated by the members of the laboratory.

Currently we have members from over 35 centres with more than 300,000 maternities and we are expanding! Candidates with research interests that are of relevance for CoLab (complications of pregnancy) can submit an application for cooperation with CoLab. For the procurement of samples and/or CoLab cohort datasets please be aware that you need a member of CoLab as your sponsorship partner.

Every laboratory is a cooperation and you work directly with members and co-workers to obtain datas and/or samples for your work. However you will work directly with the Lab Bureau during the recruitment procedure to receive monthly update and work with a minutes commitee for your work.

Bio banks represent an important sample library for research use. In order for these samples to represent the in vitro state and to ensure reliable and reproducible experiments, however, care must be taken with regard to sampling, handling and storing.

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