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At times, everything kids want is good old-fashioned fun, and you can't go wrong with the George Kids range of fake toys. Top 10 children's toys for faking games Boy and girl of all age groups enjoy a little imagination - and a good fake plaything will give them the keys to a fantasy game environment. They can choose the classical minuscule cuisine, the palace or the doll's home - always the winner - or choose something more contemporary with the newly designed meal lorries and trolleys.

These are the best toys for the sham game, as they were evaluated and tried by kids..... They loved to ring the bells when an assignment was done and to ring the cash register, and their parent loved how fun it is to learn colors, numbers, sequences, memories and matchabilities. How our kid tester made it:

Beautiful ( 58cm x 32cm x 75cm x 71cm ) viktorian styled wood dummy with 3 floors and 5 rooms and a twin joint construction so you can store it away. Supplied with a detachable all-round veranda, a French window and 16 accessoires, one of which is a upright. This may look stereotypical girlish, but our boys tasters - and the girls tester's brother - were really attracted to this elaborate puppet shed.

Plus the accessoires are very nice. How our children tester made it: The 100 cm x 76 cm x 36 cm large toy galley provides the standard functions of cooker, cooktop, refrigerator and sinks and comes with 40 accessoires. It' s also equipped with high-tech extra such as Bluetooth enabled cookery noises, a lights cooker and an application for your tray (not included!) so your kid can write down your recipe according to the directions on the computer monitor.

Cook'n Learning is a great novelty in a fun cooking game that helps children study and obey instruction (and who doesn't?!). However, this cuisine also has a lot of classical fake gaming capability (and you don't have to keep your iPad connected to it all the time).

The children's tester was thrilled with all the equipment - and their parent was amazed, but with the robustness and large dimensions of the cuisine. How our children's tester made it: Wood galley (76cm x 60cm x 40cm) with sinks, timer, oven with opening doors and a variety of wood utensils such as scoop, spade, skillet and scoop.

At our Toy Awards 2016 it was awarded golden, with our children's tester liking the button on the cooktop, the movable pointer and the small little rack on which you can keep pots. Children's T-shirt in children's sizes, supplied with non-slip detachable ground pad, flagpole, solid wood pole and carrying case for easy carrying.

This is a high class toy that is easy to pitch - inside and out (on a drier day). Tipi won silver at the 2016 Toy Awards because our tester was enchanted by the view - and once they dared to go inside, it was quite a job to convince them to come out.....

It is a premium grade pram, and the detail and resemblance to the adult model is breathtaking and earned it bronze at our 2016 edition of the 2016 Toys. It is definitely not inexpensive, but for kids who like to play baby buggies, as our tester did, it tickes every stall that runs and will last forever.

These toys include children's games for the car, the car, the kitchen as well as the table, with more than 20 items, a bowl and a barbecue with lights, a recycle container, a servicing cover, a fascia and a caster. Provides 3 levels of gameplay that are adapted to the ages of your children. Whatever your kid likes - automobiles, cookery or games - this grocery trolley has something to do.

Learn features of the cash register are a great addition, as are the gamesettings. 3-foot, 3-storey New York Loft-style wood dummy with 6 rooms, 2 outside areas and a 2-storey fire-ladder. More than 25 accessoires, among them a bathroom, a wrought-iron cot, a light that illuminates and a coat rack with magnets and uniforms.

That' the kind of dollhouse dreamed of! It' definitely a capital good and needs a lot of room, but from the fashionable café to the flush tank (yes, really!) your kid will never run out of things to do or scenes to do. Ornamental wood fortress ( 50cm x 47cm x 36cm) with wing door.

It may not look like the most beautiful lock on the bloc when it' locked, but once you open it, it unveils all kinds of steps, towers, decks and working parts, plus a train bridge, a trapdoor, an archway and a detachable tower. Well-dimensioned ( 110cm x 118m x 34. 5cm), colourful cooking and eating area with cooker hood, stove, fridge, dual cooking field, sinks, washing machines and hotplates.

Supplied with 19 attachments and requires 3 AAA alkaline cells. It is a cheap cuisine, which takes into account all the detail and extra that you receive. We' ve got some more award-winning toys here.....

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