Purchase Baby Clothes Online

Buy baby clothing online

Buying on the Internet is easy. There is also a convenient online store: bebeplanet.com Buy used clothing & accessories at the Oxfam online store.

Buy online

Articles are stored in the basket for 7 workingdays but don't delay too long, the articles are not reserved. Once you have completed your purchase, click on "Shopping Cart" to place your order. It is also possible to process your order at this point. If you are satisfied with your order, go to check out.

In order to help you safe your next purchase, you can store your payment information on our secured servers so you don't have to type it in every single purchase. As soon as you have placed your order, you will get an e-mail confirming your order. Rabattcodes can be added either in the basket or at the cash register.

Once an article is very much in demand, it may be available when you add it to your cart, but it will be out of stock when you get to the check-out. A product added to your cart will be stored for 7 workingdays, but we cannot guarantee its uptime. The H&M warns you not to reread the small letters and disclaimer when participating in online competitions.

In the transition we will have the clothes labeled in either old or new sizes, we will always ship you what you have ordered according to the dimensions for the NEW Sizes. As you will see, the tag does not correspond to the sizes you ordered, but the fit/measurements correspond to your desired sizes, so please try it out.

For example, if you order a 10 mm article, you can get a 12 mm article because the dimensions are the same as the new 10 mm one.

Used Clothes | Oxfam Online Shop

The Oxfam Online Shop is the place to find a great deal or a great sweetheart and join millions of helpers who are helping us combat global hunger and inequity. There is something very different about every article you buy in the Oxfam Online Shop. Select from over 100,000 sponsored and new items or buy a funny and original Oxfam Unwrapped treat for a beloved person.

Everyday, our stunning volunteer staff lists thousands of objects that have been given by donors like you, among them used women's apparel, used men's apparel and a number of unique collectibles. To say nothing of our used household goods, old bridal gowns, vinyls, tunes, books, seasonally favorites like Fair Trade Christmas and more.

Oxfam's online store always has something new to explore. You can use our store locator to find an Oxfam store near you. If you donate goods, log in to mark your pocket, Oxfam earns 25% more, you get points of fine fruit.

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