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They showed how the dairy formulation - which is selling for 11 pounds - was selling for only 2.20 pounds. Legislation forbids "special sales" or "any other particular activity" by a merchant to encourage the purchase of baby food. The 2007 rules on baby food and follow-on formulae do not allow a reduction in the dairy food prices.

Breastmilk is considered to be extremely advantageous, with demonstrated benefits for infants such as a strong immunity system, a strong intestinal system and a lower chance of adiposity. Mike Brady of BabyMilk Action told MailOnline: "The Act forbids the use of baby milks. I fear that this is just another example of the flagrant and very serious infringement of the rules that exist in the case of the support for powdered and milk.

Ms. Leeks, 34, who cannot breast-feed her four-month-old boy for health reason, had only purchased Formel at a Braintree, Essex store and therefore did not receive a parking gift. Had Mrs. Leeks purchased another article (e.g. loaf of bread oder milk), she would have been eligible for a reimbursed parking gift.

But not all breastfeeding is possible for all of us, and those who depend on dairy products are females who take certain drugs, are diagnosed with cancers, or whose babies are just struggling with breastfeeding. Speaking to MailOnline, a spokesperson for the British pregnancy counselling service said: "There are very strict limits on the production of formulated milks.

We believe that this is very unlikely and that a woman is able to decide for herself which nutrition works best for her and her baby and that she should be trusted. However, we do not believe that this is the case. The enormous limitations that currently apply to the sales of drinking dairy products can be seen as stigmatizing by the mother who has to use them.

It is important to make sure that policy and regulation supports women's decisions, regardless of how they choose to nurse their baby.

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