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What to do in Taiwan with a baby (or without)

Of all the places I've travelled with Esmé, I've definitely been spending most of my life figuring out how to get around and what to do with a baby in Taiwan. Having travelled to Taiwan ourselves with a baby, we found out that it was the latter!

These are our top hints for things you can do in Taiwan with a baby, include accommodations. Taipei is an offshore Chinese archipelago and after research I got to know the luxuriant jungle, hilly scenery, warm sources, canyons, scenic seas, unbelievable waves and amazing food! So we wanted to arrive in Taipei, take the high-speed trains and fire into the ground of the countryside and make our way back up to weave through all its wonderful miracles.

Who wants to go to a place that was ripped apart by a hurricane? Rather, we reduced the amount of elapsed space and prevented all places from being totally devastated. The first stop is in the Taipei metropolis. Big edifices, broad streets, yellows cabs and big cops - now you' re slowing down the tempo of your lives, cleaning it up a bit, adding a few Japan and China flavors, and you' ve got Taipei!

It' s cityscape is overlooked by the impressive 101 edifice, which towers above the town and is surrounded by lovely heights. The 101 only went up at sundown, so we could see the view of the town during the morning and all its sparkling light in the afternoon.

When you do, I strongly recommend that you get your ticket in ahead, as the lines are ugly and not so funny with a baby. It was a beautiful view, but I don't think you have to foot the bill. When you drive out into the hills, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the town.

To learn more about Taipei, you can find a three-day Taipei tour leader here. Approximately one hours outside the town, you begin the trail at the bottom of a staircase that leads into the apparent jungles. Sitting on the back of a cascade feeling really cool, not on a path, but through a glassless sanctuary!

Those are the reason why I like to go off the beaten track, I am sure it will one of these days be populated by people. Our second mornings we borrowed some bicycles to discover the town. Biking through the not so bustling and calm New York was really weird.

This made me realize how cool it is to have a baby with you, to have the chance to talk to someone you might not have talked to otherwise. If I say we talk now, I'll use that loose in Taiwan. The Taipei region is also well known for its wacky nightspots.

In addition, all our hotel rooms are surprisingly well furnished with baby beds, pots and baby-bathrooms. You even offer baby bathroom products. Overall, I found Taiwan the best place where I have ever been for institutions. Furnishings are luxuriant, brightly coloured, there are armchairs for breast-feeding, microwave ovens, they even offer towels!

Because of these things I would not hesitate to recommend Taiwan with a baby. From Taipei to Taroko the journey along the coastline is only a few short hrs, so it doesn't take too long for a baby to take a snooze. There is a breathtaking view over the Philippine Sea, the breakers are enormous and I think one of these days this will be a hotspot for windsurfers.

All my only regrets about going to Taiwan with a baby is not seeing all the other places we had been planning, it is definitely a place I would go back to, maybe one of these days! Did you find anything in Taiwan you could do with a baby? To be a benefactor is a new way to give a small sign of esteem for this information, which will take taking your attention to compile it, with no monetary returns.

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