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The Wright Stuff's output is based on Matthew Wright. On Tuesday, Matthew Wright shook audiences when he said he was going to leave his beloved show The Wright Stuff after an amazing 18 years, and now he has given up the reasons for his departure. In his Channel 5 show, the 52-year-old declared that he no longer wanted to lead his eight-year-old spouse Amelia "as if on ships".

"I' m up at three in the morning today, I go to sleep around 7:30 in the afternoon... 18 and a half years of it... Mrs. Wright, we go by at nights like boats and you look around and think that you'll have to make a difference at some point."

Since 2007 Matthew has been engaged to his second spouse Amelia, a Sony musical manager, and since 2010. They have no kids together, but in 2016 the moderator disclosed that his spouse had an IVF after she was not able to bear a baby in a natural way after an ecoptic gestation.

Matthew 52 said it to the sun then: Then Amelia almost passed away and everything started to change. When Amelia started having stomach pain in 2012, she had no clue that she was expecting twin babies. A few and a half years later she broke down and was taken to prison with an ecoptic gestation leading to intoxication.

Mr Matthew heralded the shock of his departing early this weekend. "and the show going up in viewer numbers, I sense it's go time." Kanal 5 said that the show will be continued with a new presenter, but we do not yet know who or what the show will be known as.

Matthew would be "severely missed", said Ben Frow, head of Channel 5's programs. Matthew for his dedication, diligence and dedication over the last 18 years and for making the show what it is today", he added.

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