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Do not buy a used car seat. Mothers of all good ideas: baby equipment. One London based parent was short-listed for a UK Environmental Prize after establishing a baby equipment recycler. "but I had to be on eBay all the while to bid, which was hard. "It became clear to me that others in the neighborhood would be in the same location - where I reside Nappy Valley is called because of the mad number of mothers and expectant mothers.

"My idea was to give the locals an easier way to buy what they needed on-line, then go to the nearest vendor and hand over the pay. It' not only easier to find the things you need, but it also helps save a great deal of time on things you would only use for a few month or two.

It also means that homes don't have to go far to find what they need - save gas and reduce noxious pollution. Ms. Pearce said if she won the award, she would use the 10,000 pounds to expand the facility to other parts of the city. Future Friendly winner will be revealed on March 6 at a ceremonial held by Sir Trevor McDonald in downtown London.

They developed the water meter - a small piece of equipment that can be mounted on a faucet to help remember how much they use. "We' ve seen literally thousands of incredible inspirational contributions from genuine men from all over the country - all trying to make a difference."

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Life Line Scotland offers used baby clothing and gear free of charge for anyone in dire straits. You are asking for a recommendation from your midwife, your visitor or another healthcare or welfare adviser. The Carefree Kids provide kindergarten and security supplies to East Lothian poor earning family members, those with less than five years of age and those with specific needs.

Promote for free baby products that you want to give away or products that you want to have on Gumtree, Freegle or Freecycle.

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