Sell Baby Gear

Do you sell baby equipment?

Potentially Unlimited - specialist for the sale of almost new baby equipment for 0 to 5 year old babies. Specialist for the sale of almost new baby equipment for children from 0 to 5 years. Everything from clothing, bed linen, games and games to car seats, cribs, prams, high chairs and milk dispensers. Potentially Unlimited also carries a number of new items including Lamaze and Jolly Baby as well as some awesome woods. We are a family-oriented company that serves young people.

Each of our kind, knowledgeable employees has their own kids, which makes them the right person to ask all these question about what is best for your family. It is therefore a shop run by persons with kids for other persons with kids. Potentially Unlimited was founded in 2001 by Stephen and Nicola Tisch.

Buy and sell high class baby clothes. High chairs, cots, prams, car seats, toy, clothes, accessories. It'?s a light and excitement store and the inventory is constantly evolving. Many things sell the same time they come in! Toy: Our company sells a broad assortment of toy for the development stage 0 - 5 years. Not only do we value premium brand names such as Fisher Price, Playskool and Little Tikes, but we also sell many other brand names such as rattle, shape sorters, mobile phones, puzzles, textbooks, video, trolleys, pads, excess saucers, bicycles and coaches.

We often get good looking brand-new products with broken packing. The number of playthings changes every day. Konsignation (sale in order): We can offer you a very good yield for your baby equipment by the sale in the order. Just send us any baby equipment you would like to sell and we will calculate it for you.

In order to be acceptable, the goods must be of good workmanship, good make and state. We will send you a note stating that we have your items in our warehouse and the prices for which we are trying to sell them. As soon as the article has been purchased, you will receive your GST sales discount.

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