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Items for babies for sale online

Purchase and sell children's items online with Pitapat! Must you clean your children's old baby clothing? The Pitapat application is just right for you! It' an online market place where you can easily buy and sell baby and children's products. The Pitapat was founded by two families who, after the birth of a child, quickly realized how dear a baby was!

Found out that their houses were flooded with baby and children's things that quickly gave rise to their kids, some of them virgin and new. Having looked without happiness for a special, secure, free and easy to use market place for beloved baby and children's products, they went out and created one for themselves and all their relatives nearby.

Pitapat was thus birthed! It is not only completely free to install, but also very simple to use. Just register and Pitapat will show you all the articles in your area. Pitapat's application is really simple to use, and you can quickly and conveniently retrieve your chat, wish lists and supports when you need them.

We are proud of our outstanding service, which can be reached directly from the application at any moment. I have used facebook and eBay in the past, but I find that there are often so many articles that my ad just gets wasted. The aim of Petapat is to simplify the Internet purchase and sale processes.

So, with the return to Pitapat just around the corner back from college (eek!), I resolved to put Pitapat to the test and see if there are any uniforms and sledges in the apartment, as there are still some things we need to get. A few moments after I downloaded the application, I was able to find some great uniforms, near home, in perfect shape and for just a few pounds!

Join articles in seconds with our simple templates at ? Did you try Pitapat yet?

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