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Found a baby kid in front of the french fries shop | UK News

Teenagers who saw an old three-day-old baby in front of a french fries stand tell how they thought the bunch was a "squeaking toy". Baby was found just after Midnight in front of Mario's fast-food store in the Cardonald area of Glasgow. Kid was covered in a hand cloth and a small piece of flannel.

Travelling to Garnethill, Sean Coll met his boyfriend David Taggart, who works in the shop. In return, Sean, 19, pulled down the blinds when the store was about to shut when he saw what he thought was a thrown away flannel or sweater that lay in the doors.

"When I went out to shut the blinds, I saw a sweater that seemed to have something in it. and I saw that he was a piglet." Matthew, the little kid, was taken to the Southern General Hospitals in Glasgow and found well.

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