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So when' s it gonna be simpler to have a baby? In the daytime I tried to get my neck around the drop, while Tyler was toothed at nights and the periodic awakening phases felt even more bad than ever. Finally our baby's smiled and reached for a toy - that was the joke. Recent research shows that after six month two third of mothers have problems, while one in six can only really start enjoying their baby after their first birth.

Six month later, fewer folks ask "how you're doing". To top it off, your baby's sleeping habits often decrease, either because it's prepared for solid matter, brushing its teeth, or simply because it has more agility and consciousness. And although you can get more sleep than you did in those first few weeks, the preceding few month will still be taking their donation.

Recently, if you have halted or reduced breast-feeding, there is also a scientifically valid explanation for a six-month low as it leads to a shift in hormonal level. Withdrawal may be associated with a deterioration in moods in some mothers," says Dr. Samantha Meltzer-Brody, head of the University of North Carolina Psychiatric Programme for Peru.

Research shows that withdrawal can cause a change in mood" When breast-feeding ceases, the oxytocin level - which has an anti-anxiety effect - decreases because the lactating hormone is no longer needed. Even pruning food when your baby is moving to solid bodies can cause symptom. The most important thing, instead of kicking yourself because you're not at the top of the list, is to take your time.

When there is a risk of falling into something more serious - for example, if you continue to experience sadness, tiredness, irritability, or loss of enjoyment, even with your baby - make sure your physician excludes post-natal depressive disorder. A few women find a correct diagnose that is overlooked in all the turbulence of giving birth and the early stages of a baby's life," says Sarah.

Once your baby starts sleeping better and you both get the knack out of it, and your hormones take off, you can do things easier," Sarah says. Tyler is now almost 16 month old and I've learnt that it's okay to have dates that are like a fight and be sure that I'm doing everything right.

Above all, my six-month crisis gave me an important educational lesson that it is always better to lift fear and frustration than to let it purge.

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