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Mom left the baby in the back of the van with a notice that she's going shopping. A passerby said to the New Zealand Herald: "and she said, "My mother is shopping, call her if I need anything," and she had the cell phone number. My missus said, "I'm not going in without someone with the baby."

Others telephoned the number on the slip.

Chatswood Mall, baby among the wounded | World | News | Man driving into the mob in the Chatswood Mall, baby among the wounded | World | Traffic accident in Chatswood Mall

In a shopping centre in Sydney, Australia, a vehicle got into a lot of traffic and injured at least seven souls. gigya.socialize. showShareBarUI(showShareBarUI_params); A baby belongs to the injured in the Westfield Chatswood mall in town, with six persons being taken to the infirmary. Testimonials said it flowed past a store and into masses of pedestrians, among them grand parents and a baby in a stroller at the bustling crossroads.

This accident, which took place at 3.45 p.m. British Hour London at 6.45 a.m., was reminiscent of the terrorist attacks in Barcelona on Thursday, when a bunch of jihadists ploughed through the masses at Las Ramblas, killed 14 and injured more than 100 others from around the globe. Evita Barboza, witness, said ABC:

Neville Yates witness ran to the crime scene to help. Said it to the Sydney Morning Herald: "Rider looks like he fell over the bike. According to riot control, the 50-year-old man may have had a " medicinal experience ". According to reports, he remained at the crime scenes and assisted policemen. "The CareFlight resident and emergency nurse ran to the crime site and pushed his way through the crowd to get to the most severely wounded walker, a girl in her 20s.

Someone else was telling ABC: "He walked up the sidewalk and then passed the workshop next to our store, and I think it fell with a baby carriage and a grandparent couple."

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