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Buying for Baby Products - Edinburgh Message Board Hello, this once we're going to do some baby shopping for our baby girls that's due in a few month. We' ll also go on a full days out to Glasgow, will I maybe find more baby shop there? The next thing is nice for baby business, but frankly, for clothing I think supermarkets are the best.

Doebenhams also has beautiful baby clothing etc. I haven't bought from Mothercare in years! Mattalan has some good things too! It' s crazy to buy costly baby accessories that will only be used for a few month until they come out, so M&S outlets at Meadowbank, great value, but gentle on the pocket.

Royal Edinburgh Repository and the Self-Aid Society on Castle Street if you want hand-made baby accessories that will be a heritage. I' ve got some really cute baby and kids clothing at T.K.Maxx at remarkably low rates. Lewis John is good, beautiful selection and even though it can be costly picking. I can' wait to get my baby to go shopping!

When' d you all get to baby-shopping?

where-when have you all begun baby shopping?? hello in the 14 naerly 15 week pretgers and die to get shopping done!!!!!! i have to find room for it all once it's fetched so once u all begin to buy i want to go get me all of a sudden, but also frightened that if it does too soon, my boyfriend just loses her baby 19 week so sorry she had begun to buy stuff i know can hap at any moment, but has made me think it's gonna make me think that she had begun to buy material that i know to hap at any moment.

that my third so we have again only beginning my muses baskets from before hex I would be fetched from all over again somehow try my fresh try!! cuz 5 years ago have been so fast ol' and way snages!! buggy i wil wait until the end but what about every else what about every thign ? goign bin sommer baby so wish need a lot of winters material!! more thansk for read!! good luck to you all with ur shocks!!!

After 20 and a half months I began to buy DD, when I found out the gender.... until I was about 35 of a week old. Nothing I bought except a baby carriage (after about 30 weeks), I let myself get so much that I didn't have to buy a single thing!

You' ve got to get pretty much everything, just get aqnd bits of bit parts as you go along. im 20 weeks and havent really begun buying correctly although i pick up 2 brand new jaspis konran west for 20p each in a grocery store as i just saw them and a Taggie Blanket which was a cheap prize and i couldn't have been living without without for my would.

I' m 14 months old in the morning and purchased my first Babygrow/Vest Kit last night! Immediately I began to buy a few things just to loose them, so I asked myself if I had tried it. Figured I wouldn't buy anything until I had my scanner, I purchased a few bit after the 12-week scanner.

I have all my big things from former kids, but I wanted to stay until I had my 20-week long scanning and found out what we had before we purchased clothing. I didn't begin to buy things with my 1. until I was about 6/7 month pregnant. mom. Therefore this year I only purchased some pyjamas in premature baby sizes (he is a little baby), an electrical breastpump and some stockings.

I also kept all the LO's of my own and we made sure (apart from clothing and some toys) that we didn't buy any special things in either blues or pinks. If we have a girlfriend, we don't have to buy her a whole bunch of new things except clothing.

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