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Discover our realistic set, including a box of peeled fruits, ELC Playfood Cans & Groceries, shopping baskets and shopping carts. The city is full of fantastic toy shops, so children never get bored when they are in town.

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The latest in our Amazon Alternatives range, this guidebook for toys dealers is designed to help users prevent the Amazon evader. The UK spends 2.9 billion pounds a year on toys, and the latest study by Mintel shows that 53% of buyers now buy toys on-line.

Most of the remainder of the overall product range is concentrated in a few segments, among them hypermarkets, Toys R Us and Mothercare. In the last four years, the proportion of retail outlets that are fully owned (including the Toymaster franchise) has fallen from 17% to 11%, a tendency we have seen in many of the industries we have recently been covering in our Amazon Alternatives range, among them bookstores and disc stores.

"With a clear win in the toy industry, we'd be pointing the finger at Amazon, which has become the first option for many buyers, backed by the comfort of home shopping, a user-friendly website, a wide selection and competitively priced," says Jane Westgarth, senior marketing analyst at Mintel. There are some retail stores in the chart as well as some producers who are selling via their web sites.

Babi Pur, Traidcraft, Let's PLay Fair, Playmobil, Ethical Kidz, Galt, Myriad, Paperpod, Ethical Superstore, Orchard Toys. You can see from the scoring chart that 13 of the 26 makes in our portfolio come off poorest in our overall portfolio. The ones that do worse are: Amazon, Argos, Disney, Ethical Supermarket, Galt, Hamleys, The (no information received), Mattel, Toymaster, Mattel, Toymaster, 3DWM - Owners of Paperpod (no information), Playmobil (no information), Myths (no information) and Toys R Us (no information).

Enterprises that achieve a medium-ranking are:: Only Lego receives top marks in this class from the bigger, committed toyshops. Others that perform best are: Babi Pur, Let's Play Fair, Myriad, Traidcraft, Ethical Kidz, Tesco and Asda. ICTI began its own ICTI Clean Development Program this year to help create better working environments for plant operators in the area.

The ICTI CRARE is an international organization initiated by the International Council of Toys Industries, an organization representing toys brand names and retail companies worldwide. It sets minimal labor norms for employees who manufacture toys and provides a data base of preferential vendors that have been independent tested and certified by ICTI COARE.

However, in both cases it is not clear what measures ICTI has taken to address this and the organization has not responded to our e-mails. Among the organizations included in this review, Argos, Mattel, Disney, Hamleys and Toys R Us are all included as members of the organization on the ICTI Clean Sky Program website.

Their use of the system remained ambiguous and came out poorest in our overall S-CR. Best: Let's be fair, myriad, paper pod, orchard toy, Babi Pur, Traidcraft, Ethical Kidz, Galt, John Lewis, Playmobil, Toymaster,, Hamleys. Center: Lego, Mothercare, Early Learning Centre, Mattel, Smyths. That'?s the worst:

Amazon, Argos, Asda, Disney, Ethical Supermarket, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Toys R Us. KKR, an umbrella fund that also holds Boots' chemical team, although currently purchased by Walgreens, the largest US drugstore group. The Toys R Us achieved the poorest results across the line for its policy and KKR has invested in the petroleum sector.

Smyth' s Toys, Hamleys and are three of the bigger engaged toys dealers and all scored poorly because they have no socially or environmentally responsible policy. Playmobil, a private producer of toys which directly distributes to the consumer via its website and the large toyshop, does not publish socio-economic and environment impact studies either.

They receive an average assessment for environment coverage and also an average assessment for their wood procurement policies, but had no policies on poisonous chemical substances. Mothercare, which runs the Early Learning Centre's business, is poorly rated in a number of political assessments such as cottons, hazardous chemical substances and environment reports. However, it receives an average credit assessment for wood purchasing.

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