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16-week early to buy baby stuff? - Get pregnant

Hi, we chose to stay waiting, we had our 20-week long scanning on Tuesday (when I was 22 weeks!) and didn't buy anything before, but we did a lot of shop-windowing.... Start by ordering the stroller and buying the next weekend's Muses baskets and buying diapers in the grocery store today!

Now if you are feeling lucky to buy things, I don't see why not, I just wanted to make sure everything was okay before we order/bought things. After our 12-week long scanning we began to buy things, and I am pleased that we have done it now.

13wachen just delivered the Moses-Korb and ordered the child bed! I have diapers, towels and tomato tips from the alsda event. No, I ordered the stroller until 19 week. I got the baby bed in 12 week. I just purchased the basic clothes as we stay behind to stay brighter! But now I've begun to buy diapers, towels, bathing clothes... I just want to be organized and stock up!

I' ve seen this lovely wicker hamper of Mozes, and I want it so badly. Hello, Charles, dear. Hi, Charles. Hi, Charles. Hi, Charles. Hi, Charles. Hi, Charlotte, love the scan. One of the largest items we purchased around 16 and a half week ago was the Mozes hamper, so I say go ahead! And I think we purchased a sterilizer for about 12 week because it was on sale, so we didn't want to miss the chance.

Slowly, we began to buy for our financials as well. Now 31 week and we only have to repay the last part of our pram (we have taken out a baby schedule with mother care for our pram and distributed the costs over 2 working days) and now we don't have to worry anymore about other baby items from our salary.

Every free buck can now be spared or spend on baby clothing and our auto repair is due soon ├Żol!!! We really seemed to be helped by our gradual purchases, because now we can really unwind.... Hi, I began to buy bits of baby-grows etc. before my 12 weeks scanning but my SIL was pregant so I thought that if something happens the stuff was really for her.

Thereafter we purchased things as and when they were offered as we don't have to buy all things towards the end and I don't want to walk around in the shops later (I went to shop on Sunday and I was smashed when I got home!) We purchased our baby carriage in about 15 week as it was on Sale at Boots, fetched the carrying bag from ebay in front of it, just got the bed from ebay (went for the Stokke Sleepi) and will get new mattresses from this on-line.

I also bought clothing and covers, diapers, wipers, etc. as I saw them in the range. We just have to remove all our stuff from the back room before we can varnish it! And I know guys who don't buy anything until the 20-week long scanning, I could never have done that, but each for himself and whatever in the long run you're satisfied with.

I have purchased non sex sensitive items such as toilet articles/bottles, etc. This means that I can buy all the really funny things when we know if it's a girl or a guy! I was so agitated that I chose my stroller, which chooses only one color! I am so eager to buy things!

I can' t await to get taller and for the first want to experience the baby thrill! Do my next 21 week scans I can't wait to find out the gender! That'?s so beautiful, rosemary, you let me choose your stroller. Being my MIL is gonna buy us a stroller that's really cute of her.

I am 14 wee-years pregnant, my first 40 year old gestation, and I am so agitated and I really want to buy things now, but I am a little afraid to bewitch myself.

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