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Mail daily online It is not known exactly why, but research has shown that sleeping a baby on nothing but a solid, shallow bed increases the risks. Campaigning to help cut SIDS, the philanthropist says that much of the equipment used by up to every third new parent is manufactured by trustworthy brand names. However, it is said that some producers make imprecise statements about the security of their products, such as being "breathable" or saying that it is a "soft and secure place for baby to sleep". WHICH SLEEPING PERMANENTS CAN MAKE A BABY RISKY? Both disagree with the suggestion that infants should be sleeping on a solid, completely shallow, watertight mat.

Expert warning that it can be hard for a parent to know which products are safer for their baby as there are no specific SIDS related security levels. When selecting sleeping accessories for a baby, there are actually only a few important things that a parent needs, and it is not necessary to invest a fortune in many products or select more costly brand names.

SO WHAT SHOULD YOU DO TO REDUCE YOUR BABY'S EXPOSURE TO SIDS? Put your baby on his back to get some rest. Breast-feed your baby (if possible). Avoid it: Smoking during your baby's lifetime or letting someone in the same room as your baby do the smoking (before and after birth). Make your baby lie on a cot, couch or chair.

Child bed dead benevolent organization alerts new parent about favorite sleeping pills

Some parent preferred sleeping pills could expose baby's to the risks of childhood deaths ( "SIDS"), warning a child mortality fundraiser. Lullaby Trust said objects such as padded sleeping capsules, baby blankets, baby bed poles, cushions, nests and anything that pinches a baby on the spot may not comply with safe sleeping rules and present a hazard to children under 12 years.

There is some indication that sleeping a baby on a different than a solid, shallow bed might raise the likelihood of SIDS, but without security measures related to a particular phenomena, it may be hard for new mothers to know which products are secure. Two out of five (41%) new adults in a fundraising poll said they had purchased or wanted to buy a baby sleeping basket or capsule.

The Lullaby Trust, as part of Safe Sleep Week, has published a guide sponsored by Public Health England (PHE) to help new and prospective families make more confident decisions about sleeping pills for their baby. "We, as an organization of charitable organizations for AIDS, have observed with alarm that products that speak against safe sleeping counseling are becoming increasingly popular."

"It' s difficult for a parent when trying to pick from the vast number of baby items, and many believe that an article selling on the main road or manufactured by a recognized trademark is secure for their baby." "Always encouraging the parent to raise any concern or question with their nurse or healthcare provider who can provide guidance and guidance on information about sleeping safer."

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