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Little baby articles

Z-Box with another baby related item for each letter of the alphabet! Make a baby room in a small one-bedroom apartment. "How... your apartment?" is a friendly asked questions that I was asked several time when I told you that my man and I weren't going to move from our 60 m² one-room flat within the next year even though we were having our first family. It'?s the truth. Our place isn't big.

It' not too small to house two grown-ups and a kid either. I am not speaking of the "small living" motion, which is of course okay - humans should be able to choose how they want to life - but that for many of us it is just a fact. Wouldn't I want a seperate room for my kid and maybe even more rooms (an administrative room? A present box from?!)?

This does not mean that I have given up on making our room attractive, cosy and practical for everyone who is living there. So we have made our baby room so that it fits into our home easily: The colours of our flat are already quite constant: dark, red, white, gray, wooden with a hint of yellowness, Bourgogne and greens.

Focusing on maintaining these colours in the baby room, we chose some special colours within this range; mostly blacks, whites and greys. The integration of the baby room was actually simpler than finding out what it feels like to have one's own room in the home. The kilim carpet from Felm Viving has made both the choice of aesthetics and colour we wanted.

If you don't have much ground area, vertical construction is your boyfriend (I know this is part of how towns have become congested and humans have thrown out of the water, but this is an item for another time). There is a shelf system above the baby changer that is scattered around the flat, where we need more stowage room. Simply and elegantly, there are different colours for every shelf in our range.

In addition, we were looking for more interesting ways to use the flooring, such as storing sacks such as these from our company Felm Live (ideal for soft toy, covers and linen!). Muuto DOTS for additional suspension surfaces are another good choice. We' ve been spending a great deal of our attention looking for items that can be used for double uses or that can be hidily.

Because I was concerned about how to bath the baby when it doesn't fit in the kitchen sinks anymore and that's the ideal one. It not only looks good, it can also be folded down and stowed away effortlessly. They can be used as a neonatal couch, baby seats and eventually as a normal toddler stool.

Wherever your own individual styling is, mirror it in your baby room. There are a bunch of children's items out there that are beautiful but just don't suit your mood. It' s okay to look for the things you really want and cure the room accordingly. And as you can probably say, I am in favour of the trademark Felm Live.

You have a number of children's items that keep away from the "twee" so that they suit the purposes of the baby room, but also suit our traditional outfit. Are you experienced with having a baby or a child-friendly room in a small flat?

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