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Toy list by type | Doll's Ghost Of The Doll is an ID website devoted to 1980s and 1990s toys (plus a few 2000s throw in for a good cause)! This page contains a listing of the toys presented on this website, sorted by toy group. Puppets first, organized by sizes and themes, and then pets, organized by soft toys and plastics, and then by types.

You can use the link on the far right to see toys by decades (1980s, 1990s and 2000s), by model (dolls by height and subject, plush/plastic animal by species) or by producer (including a brief history of the major manufacturers). Puppets organized by topic and sizes.

Pets organized in soft toys or plastics and then by type.


Not only is it important that toys for infants and toddlers have a lot of fun playing and preferentially promote the baby's growth, they must also be secure. You must comply with stringent security requirements. This poisonous substance can be absorbed when infants and young kids are chewing their toys, as they do.

For this reason, a group of substances called phtalates is prohibited throughout Europe for use in toys. Since the 1990' Greenpeace has conducted a campaign on many issues of poisonous substances in toys and domestic items, and information on the various campaign activities (e.g. poisonous toys and the home chemistry) is available on the Greenpeace website.

Greens who buy toys may want to prevent the use of deciduous trees if they can, and some of the vendors store articles made from sustainable woods even though little information is available. Our company demands that their gaming be enjoyable, that they have multi-level gaming so that adult and child can enjoy the same conditions, that they have value for their money, that they promote awareness and interest in our planet, that they use renewable resources and timber from cultivated forest, and that they are approved and certified to UK and EU security requirements.

Bulberry Bush Ltd is an experienced specialty retailer that sells a wide variety of toys, both classic and original, among them a good selection of wood toys and toys. Toy The Organic Toy Co. specializes in toys that have been strictly labelled with 100% organically grown 100% pure white and certified 100% organically grown 100% pure white and 100% pure natural white and 100% natural green.

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