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Little girl's dress

Buy the latest trends in clothes at M&S. Look how your little one swings in the dresses or skirts of our girls.

Girls' clothes are the heart of children's dressing rooms for all events.

Girls' clothes are the heart of children's dressing rooms for all events. Explore our range of girls' clothes and jumper suits. The best clothes from the most popular girls' wear labels have been selected by our shopping-crew. There is something for every taste and style, from top clothes for girls to girls' overalls!

Ideal for a ceremonial, children's clothes are an integral part of every little girl's outfit. Athletic, a little daring or a little enthusiastic about girls' parties, our range is full of styles that will please everyone. Our favorites include a range of summers gowns in either flax or wool, ideal for hot weather.

Girls' jeans gowns can be wore both indoors and outdoors with pantyhose that keeps their little feet warmed up. Why not take a look at our lovely selection of girls' evening wear for parties to help keep their skins protected while at the same time staying pretty and chilly.

Terry cloth from Hundred Pieces to Numero 74 bottled gown clothes, all you have to do is pick your favorite.

Children's dresses | Girl aprons

Ranging from strips and frills to graphical printings and even net lace outfits, this children's dress treatment is the ideal way to bring our latest fashions to your look. This line of children's clothing is characterised by naïve strips, flowering flowers, poster points and adorable petals. Choose a long-sleeved sweater dress from this range of children's clothing for a sleek, all-round look that you can wear in warm weather with your warm summer trousers and anklewear.

Girl Clothes | Little Joule Girls Clothes & Shoes

Light, high class and beautifully crafted, our children's apparel is perfect for girls on the go. Featuring an accent on style, colour and print that she will adore, these are girls' apparel she will be wearing for anytime of year. Childrens fashions are created by our children's designer who keep an eyes on girls' fashions and design apparel that they - and you - will certainly like.

Whether it's funny marquetry sweaters and sturdy leggings that combine perfectly with a tunic or skirt - great for girls who have climbing tree and jumping fence, or even denims, eye-catching graphical t-shirts and parties clothes - our girls' clothes have everything she needs for the evenings of the year. We have added girls' accessoires, such as shoes, bags, caps, shawls and headdresses to complement the look.

The Little Joule Girl's apparel line ranges from proven rubber boots to weatherproof boots and coat to keep you cool when the temperatures drop.

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