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I was nine month pregant when my baby was losing his heartbeat": The courageous woman tells of her stillborn child - and how she coped with the terrible consequences.

I' m sorry, your baby died," she said. On Wednesday, April 3, I was 31 years old and 38 months gestating when I took my two-year-old sister Sienna in a drag to my midwifery date. I relaxedly talked with my Gilli baby nurse about my baby party the next morning - and I said that I was hoping the baby wouldn't show up before.

It seems our baby was very busy. A few moments later Gilli had trouble locating the beating heart with the engine, but she said not to be afraid. Once the baby's picture appeared on the monitor, I knew something was up. Looking at Sienna sitting on the stool next to me in the hope that she knew what had just been happening to us.

OLIVIA: She was quiet and she said it was all right. Our baby was gone. so that I wouldn't leave Siena too long. Afraid I'd have to give in and then keep our baby alive. But, most of all, I was afraid I'd have to tell Sienna.

During the following few months she recited to me the three phrases we had told her: "The little boy is no longer in his mother's womb. Running around with my inanimate baby still inside was terrible. On April 6, three and a half years later, Sebastian Michael Richmond Smart was borne.

Ten valuable workingdays with him before his burial on April 16. This was a wonderful little boy with roses buds lip and a big push buttons front like in Siena. So we clothed him in a Winnie the Pooh Baby Growing we had purchased especially for him and gave him a Winnie the Pooh Bear that was Siena.

A baby blued baby was given to Sebastian, but we agreed to give it to Siena. Running around with my inanimate baby still inside was terrible. After that we all had test results and everything was fine with me and Sebastian was very well.

If he' d been birthed a few and a half weeks early, I'd hold my little boy. Just feeling desperate sorry that he had been deprived of his opportunity to influence this whole universe, our pretty Siena was deprived of the opportunity to meet her dear sibling. After the first one, however, when I explained our history (and believe me, I was actually more sorry that the woman asked about my little boy, because as soon as I spoke the honest tale to her, she was more or less in tears and very apologizing ), it became simpler next times and the next afterwards and after a while and after a while folks ceased to ask.

He would tell me how sorry it made him to see twin baby dolls on the streets, or teeny little baby ones strap ged to their mama's front and clothed in blues. Although I was conscious of stillbirth, it is something you can never even begin to think about what happens to you - especially after nine month of a perfectly pregnant baby in which my baby walked around happy.

And Sebastian was completely well. If he' d been birthed a few and a half weeks early, I'd hold my little boy. Helden " have 99 working days from 3 June (our nuptial day), which is the last 9 September (quite fitting). Wherever the protagonists may be, on 9 September, we asked them to let go of a ballon and recall Sebastian.

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