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Baby- and children's clothing store. Slope on wall hook Are you unsure how to store your Tula baby carrier(s) when not in use? We' ve asked our Tula Love community to tell us how they keep their baby sling collections and they have not disappointed with the hints and cues! Suspend from your shoulders belt - Robin P. Make a neat, individual baby sling hanger - Nikki M.

Individual baby sling hanger - Shauna S. Wand holders can also be used to keep Tula Torbas!

Pleat your straps and webbed packaging for a beautiful presentation in the closet - Sarah H. Pleat and pile them in stand-up bookshelves for ease of entry - Angela J. Get a suitable carry case to store the straps - Denitsa N. Baby stretchers go perfect on winegrowers! - Angela J. isn't sure how to wrinkle your baby carrier?


Baby, infant shop opens in Dickinson city centre

Before the opening Jayme and her young girls Ramona and Helen remained at home and bought a great deal of things on-line. "Jayme said: "It was tough because we would get things and it was either not what we thought or the size was bad and it was just really tough.

Ramonas co-ins gave the shop its name, based on its name. "Jayme said, "They just couldn't tell Ramona, so they named her Moe Moe. "The shop sells a wide range of baby, infant and mummy items, from footwear to grooming items. "She said, folks really loved children's shoes."

One of the store's customers, Karen Feininger, loves the covers. "Feininger said, "I like this place and I like everything it has to sell. "There are so many things peculiar to her store. "The company sells bottled water and not synthetic water bottle for baby, child and adult. When you' re done with the drinking mug, just buy a normal narrow lid," Jayme said.

"Jayme said, "My slogan here, when I speak to family, is every little thing helpful. "From watertight pockets to bag snacks, there are several ways for clients to store their possessions. "Jayme said about the pockets, they're funny designs." "The playroom in the shop can be used free of charge for baby celebrations and birthdays.

"It is open everyyday so that mothers or families or carers can come in and have playdates or just get the children out of the house," Jayme said. "The last year the winters were so terrible and me and Ramona went mad in the building because it was too cool and too much snows to go anywhere.

Dickinson, where do you take the children if it's too chilly to go to the park? Courses are for a woman who is or is trying to get pregnant, she said. "Best thing to think about your baby's soundness is before you get pregnant," said Simnioniv. At Jayme we are open to customers' ideas.

"When it'?s something I can back, I'm more than lucky to wear it to the store," she said. And Jayme is hoping to be expanding into commodities. "When our children are growing, I think the store will be growing with them," she said. "We' re conscious of the things we have in the store at the moment because we need them ourselves, so I' m sure their needs will evolve with them, as will our buying patterns.

W. For Jayme please call 701-590-8549.

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