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Got a call from a woman, I think from the sickl cell division, that I need to visit her. I went and was said that I had a characteristic of the crescent cells in my own circulation and that I had to take my spouse to a test and that there was a 25% probability that my child would have the illness.

Therefore they texted me after some while that they could not tell me if my child would get the illness or not, so if I should just delay until after the delivery of the child, then they will give me the results. After I had the infant, after about three week, I got a call from the same woman that she wanted to visit me.

Then when she came, she said to me, well, my little girl had sickle-cell disease and she was SC, SC [had hemoglobin SC disorder]. Has anyone been telling you during your gestation that maybe you could do a test, a CVS or an amniotic fluid test if you were still testing the uterus for the condition of the baby?Hmm, well, I can't recall anything like that.In retrospect -As I said, I had my own issues to deal with.

I wasn't very serious about the sickle cells, you know. There was nothing in my closet - that kind of sickle room, you know. Footnote' A female whose female spouse does not go for screenings may be given a test during gestation (CVS or amniocentesis) if she wants to be sure that the child is affected.

Hemoglobin SC dysfunction is a kind of sicklobin cell dysfunction in which the infant inherits hemoglobin S (sickle cell) from one of the parents and hemoglobin C from the other. It is a kind of malfunction of crescent cells, but it is a disease in its own right. Screening can be similar to Sichelzellenanämie, but SC disorders are often (but not always) less severe in their impact than Sichelzellenanämie.

She was a bearer of hemoglobin C, and the baby's dad was a sickle-cell bearer.

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