Stuff you need to buy for a Baby

Things you have to buy for a baby.

Many of our former children's baby clothes have been kept (Moses basket, some clothes, toys). Store kindergarten toys loved and checked by you. Simple to use, and I love being able to carry my newborn without having to buy and get used to a new carrier!

All you need to know about rabbits before you buy them.

Every week all bunnies must be cared for, but long-haired races must be brushed every single working week - pellets of long coat can obstruct the digestive system and turn out to be deadly. The hare protection is indispensable if your hare is to run around in your home. Bunnies must be able to run, leap and bury what they cannot do in a stable.

Inspect your bunny at least once a day - twice if it is overweight, has open wounds or an impure bottom. Brazilians spent many long days feeding in the wilderness. The Victorians first placed bunnies in huts, which they used for storing and serving meats. Bunnies are much luckier when kept in couples.

Rbbits are by definition neat and easily polluted - usually all you have to do is put a catbox in it. Make sure your rabbit has a clear and dried nostril, ear, dick and bottom. Make sure he has no running noses or running eyes, or any areas with reddish, swollen sores, and ask your veterinarian how to trimming his noils.

Don't ever let a bunny alone with your pet and your pet. You can' t throw up your bunny, so if you think he ate something toxic, take him directly to your veterinarian. Approximately 35,000 hares land in British sanctuaries every year. The baby hare is charming, but when you warm up an older bunny, it may already be house-trained, spayed and inoculated.

Cancers of the womb or ovarian canal occur in 80 percent of women who have not yet had a baby or been sterilized. Vaccination against all domestic bunnies in Great Britain, as well as domestic bunnies, is required against virus hemorrhagic diseases and mexomatosis. Many young people loose interest in them after having begged for a domestic bunny.

House-rabbits can grow up to 10 years old - so could another domestic animal be more appropriate for your ancestors? Prepare a rack for your bunny from a card board covered with hay or synthetics and give it a little vegetable or vegetable food - the perfect snack at night. Thanks to the RWAF (Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund).

To learn more about bunnies, please click here to get our bunny guidebook.

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