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Latest collection of Baby Girls clothing, shoes and accessories updated weekly. Classy baby clothes on the main road In 2016 Alison Fern introduced its first jewelry line, inspired to design distinctive, luxury items that are wore and beloved every single passing day. Alison Fern is a brand that is dedicated to the creation of the most beautiful and beautiful jewelry. Every work is handcrafted by Alison (who has previously worked much of her careers at The Tate, citing Richard Long and Barbara Hepworth as the main influences on her designs) in small numbers in her London studios.

Opposing balls and tips join to form beautiful, stylish jewelry with asymmetrical necklaces, large tires and tender pendants.

our new nameour new name

We have developed our baby clothes magnet to be the simplest type of baby clothes. frustrated by the zips, press studs, Velcro and other unfriendly baby clothes closures, we found there must be a better way! In this context, we have developed magnet closures that enable a safer and more careful way of securing babywear.

Following much research, design and engineering, we have brought our line of baby clothes to market. Initially, when we introduced our magnet baby clothes to the market, we were known as Magificent Baby. Our goal was to catch the pleasure and wonder that brings baby into our life, and the great notion of using a stress-free fastening element to facilitate the change of age.

The new name really refers to what sets us apart from other baby clothing lines: our magnet closures. A lot of our fervent reviewers and enthusiastic clients like the fact that our magnet makes it so simple to dress the baby for the night or replace a nappy at 3 a.m. Now our aspiration for glory in our new name is readily recognizable!

If you have any question about our baby clothes, please do not hesitate to contact us. We wanted to make it easy for you to find what you need when it comes to baby clothes. Therefore, we have redesigned our website with a new shop that includes Shop by Use and Shop by Body Style category.

Featuring this new size, it's simple to find the basic clothes and the great clothes you need to make your baby fit for any situation. In our category "Shop by Use" you will find: All you need to keep your baby hydrated and secure from day one. This outfit comes with a magnet closure, longer legs and glove sleeves (depending on style) - all important for the convenience of the newborn.

You' ll find overalls, body suits and comfortable upper and lower parts that your baby will enjoy wearing at any age. Select from magnet T-shirts and trousers, nappy wrapped clothes, jumpers, overalls, cards and more. Once the temp increases, reach for light baby clothes.

We offer shorts, clothes, playboys and more - all made of summer-friendly materials with our characteristic magnet fasteners! Keeping your baby or infant hot with our baby clothes that are magnetically positioned for cooler temperature. Knitted overalls, velvet hood kits, buggies and wired jackets are simple answers to the dichotomy of cool climate clothes!

We have compiled a selection for our Shop By Body Style categories: Choose from a wide range of colours and designs - all with an Easy-On and Easy-Off style thanks to the front magnet locks. With our matching kits, it's simple to wear your baby for any reason. Maybe we have a new website and a new name, but we are still the simplest way to get a baby dressed!

We' ve developed our clothes to make your job much simpler and to help you spend more of your little one' s free time with your baby - and less of it! The new name stands for our dedication to help you keep your baby comfy and stylish with the help of our magnetical baby clothes. So if you haven't been spending much of your spare tire to visit our Store by Use or Store by Body Style category, take a moment now to see what we have to offer.

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