Stylish Toddler Clothes

Classy toddler clothes

Infant Harper Beckham's design clothing is sold for philanthropic purposes. On Thursday, however, Harper Beckham's clothes were given to the families of clothing enthusiasts to wear their own little ones after a London outfit was sold for good causes. The Spice Girl lathe operator Victoria Beckham gave 25 clothes to her three-year-old girl as part of the Save the Children's "Fashion Save Lives" sales.

Clothes, Skirts, Tops, Pants, Jackets and Footwear - from Doc Marten's Boot to Colourful Pump - from designers like Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Stella McCartney and Versace were on show at prices up to 500 pounds ($795). Early Thursday mornings, before the "Mary's giving & living" store in London's Primrose Hill, lines formed and enthusiastic moms wanted to be the first to get their fingers on the designs.

"When we were preparing for the sales show last night, folks walked by all morning and desperately knocked on the windows to see how they could get their fingers on an outfit," Helena Wiltshire, PR manager at Save The Children, said to the locals. The Children said that the first article was released five moments after the start of sales at 0900 GMT (5:00 ET).

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Can' t wait to put this one together for her. Touch the links now to find the best items for your child! Wonder if the maid would be wearing a suitable endless shawl like her mommy. Shawl Set // LOVE this tousled grey gown + shawl pair. I must bear myself in the day of mother and child!

Unique Violet & Blanc Polka Dot Romper - Toddler & Girls Unik Violet & Blanc Polka Dot Romper - Toddler & Girls Sweet Print et boutons en or. Oh my God, this is the sweetest thin one I've ever seen! Check out this Nannette Girl Teal Eyelet Layered Top & Floral Leggings - Infant on today!

Carters' toddler suit for springs.

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