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To have a baby is really the best time of your life and we want to be there with you and help you on this amazing journey. To have a baby is really the best part of your lifetime and we want to be there with you and help you on this incredible trip. To have a baby is really the best part of your lifetime and we want to be there with you and help you on this incredible trip. And we know that everything changes after the birth of your baby. Our sophisticated, groundbreaking products for baby and young child nursing have been making everyday living simpler, more secure and more entertaining for over three generations.

Summer Infant is devoted to the making of bathing times, meals, playtime and every little in-between especially for you and your baby. Being a parent can be exciting, strenuous, attractive, challenging and worthwhile - often all at the same place. We' re working really hard to develop wonderful baby products to make every big and small baby moments the best part of your lives.

Summer Infant offers a line of thoughtful baby and infant products that help these everyday routine things become a little smooth, and pleases mothers and infants by delivering safer and innovating products that give you security. Browse our Summer Infant portfolio of sleeping and security products, from slumber buddies and diapers to audiomonitors and even more.

The Summer Infant offers a large selection of bathing, wrapping and bathing products such as bathing guests, pots and child safety chairs to make your trip a little simpler.

The summer vacation case of your baby

It' s hard to do without a carrier bag or a travel bed..... In this case you organise in ahead and rent or rent what you need at your destination: most hotel can offer beds and there are many rental baby cottages. The other basic prerequisites for a good night's rest are a fairly lightweight sleeping bag, a soft pet if your baby has one and some suckers if he uses them, according to where you go.

When your baby is breastfed only, it's easy: you don't have to take anything! Conversely, if your baby is given a single feeding bottle, you will need to bring two or three feeding, a cleaning toothbrush and the formula he is used to. After all, if your baby has started to absorb solid matter, it is best if you are planning to buy some baby foods upon your arrival.

When you want to puree something for him, just use a small kitchen machine that will cook and mix foods you probably have at home. In order to reduce the intake of too many toilet articles, take small or multi-functional products with you: all-in-one baby wash gels and shampoos, baby wash cloths or towels, bags of salt solutions, diaper creams to help reduce and eliminate erythema, facial and personal care product specimens, etc.

"The " My First Trip Set ", which contains everything you need to take your baby on a trip, or " My First Sunny Sunday ", which contains important products for a summer outing. Bring a baby pack with the standard medications, if necessary, as well as bags of salt water, fluid acetaminophen,ressings, an anti-septic and infant insecticide.

After all, summer vacations mean summertime.... and it is important to keep your baby's delicate baby skin, which is particularly delicate! Of course, pushchairs are especially useful on vacation when you're taking your baby for a walk, but you can also use them as a replacement recliner when he's up and at meals when he's solid.

You can always use a baby stretcher or wrap that is much smaller and light if you want to do without it.

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