Super Cool Baby Stuff

Very cool baby accessories

No, she's not a super early developer! You' ll find super-soft plush toys, including the cuddly Jomanda rattle and pacifier. Coole Babykleidung, Bio-Babykleidung for children, young and old - Lucy & Sam

Lucy & Sam, a South London native who grew up in South London, is an organically designed apparel label for big-hearted infants and young children with imaginative games, all held together by a single thread: to make parents, baby and the earth happier. Trapped and formed on beautiful, mellow bio-wool, our historic printed matter is covered with sustainable fabrics and trimmed into fabulous, funny clothes.

A small group of creatives who have used our years of expertise in designing, procuring and producing for the Euro retailing industry to create our own independant baby and infant label. For many years our staff has been working in India and Europe's production centres and has a selected group of plants that provide the best in terms of workmanship and ethics.

"Little things that make a big difference" is the basis for everything we do, from the first draft to your front door: PRACTICAL DESIGN: All our clothes are engineered to be simple to carry, washable at low eco-temperatures and contain features that will find parental use - such as the scraper gloves on our nightwear and zippers on our baby sizes for ease of use.

Areas in Gujarat, South India, are grown by indigenous peasants without the use of insecticides and with a focus on biodiversity. ECO-friendly methods: Our dyeers and webers use only AZO-free, naturally occurring dyestuffs that prevent the use of malignant chemical agents that cause groundwater degradation. In our plants we are recycling stormwater for production and using as much as possible photovoltaic electricity to mitigate the effects on the surrounding area.

ETHIC FASHION: All our plants adhere to the highest ethics with regular monitoring of workers' health and safety, working practices and wage levels. Each year, our annual regulatory audit ensures that all our manufacturing partners are as satisfied as our end customers. Our ongoing commitment is to supporting community based environmental and education opportunities for those who work for us.

Our creative processes start with historical topics and evolve them into distinctive printed matter. In addition to our colorful collection, we are offering a customized unisex line for 0-12 month, available in smooth neutrals, with enchanting pet artwork that is the ideal gift for new mothers.

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