Swedish Baby Clothes

Sweedish baby clothes

Skandinavian baby and children's clothing from Smafolk, Katvig, Mini Rodini, DUNS Sweden, Ej sigke Lee, Urban Elk and Moccis. Browse by year, categorie or make to find the clothing you are looking for. Cashardkids use recycled packages to pack and ship your clothes. You are guaranteed to like our clothes as much as we do. Sale - All Mini Rodini now at half pric!

Smafolk, Krutter and Ej silicke Ley are Oeko-Tex approved and therefore free of chemical and other contaminants.

Those brand names periodically review all areas of their manufacturing processes to make sure they are as environmentally friendly and environmentally sound as possible. Further information can be found under the Trademarks heading.

Organic clothing for children DUNS Sweden

Duns Sweden even donates too many articles to needy organizations if they have ever manufactured too many. The Bio-Top for grown-ups and teenagers is available in long sleeves and is available in different..... The Bio-Top is a light coloured Türkis with a funny and stylish look.... Our short-sleeved Bio-Top is colored red with a funny parrot diver pattern and a....

These long sleeve Bio-Top is verdant with a funny parrot diver pattern and ha..... Our short-sleeved bio top is marine and has a nice white pattern with sharks.... DUNS' long sleeve baby roll-up is light coloured Türkis with a special look from.... These DUNS zipper pullover for infants is dressed in ecru with a sweet puffins look....

The DUNS romper suit for infants is light blu with a Swedi pattern.....

Anna's Blog - Scandinavian Baby Clothing

I am Anna Lisbeth, I started Annaliv in 2013 after several years of education as a children's fashion designer at universities and in industries. I have always been passionate about designing lovely baby clothes in Scandinavia based on my northern origins, I'm not sure why. but I' m half Dane and a dash of Swedish.

At the moment you can find me in the forests to escape for a cranberry shake with Frederik, to paint sketches for the next Annaliv series or to pack and ship your much valued orders!

I am currently working on the development of a crucifix stitchery technology that will hopefully allow you to order your Annaliv presents personalized. I' m sure most of you will know all this when you go along with Annaliv on Instagram, but if you're new to Annaliv - Hello, it's nice to get to know you, I really appreciate you enjoying a little about me and the history behind the design.

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