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All Kardashian and Jenner grandchildren are listed because we almost lose the count.

has some powerful, marvelous genetics, that much we know. Momager ", a mom of six kids from two weddings, not only raises kids but also humps. So we have put together a "small" list, from which Kardashian and Jenner have given birth to which baby and when. From the four descendants of the oldest Kourtney Kardashian to the youngest, still untitled baby of Kylie Jenner, here is the Who's Who of Kris' grandchildren.

Kourtney Kardashian, 38, is Kris' first kid with Robert Kardashian, a counsel. Kris was also the first baby to be borne and now has three charming babies. She has all her offspring together with her current ex-partner Scott Disick, with whom she works. Mason Dash Disick, the first offspring of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, was conceived on 14 December 2009.

Mason' mom learned of his maternity during the shooting of Keep Up With the Kardashians and his childbirth was recorded and broadcast during the fourth series of the show. Mason' second first name was the name of his deceased grandfather (Robert Kardashian) and is an abbreviation of 'Kardashian'. Kourtney and Scott's second baby, Penelope'P' Scotland Disick, was conceived on 8 July 2012.

She was also broadcasted on KUWTK and her famous dam took her out with her own family. Kourtney and Scott's third baby, Reign Aston Disick, was conceived in 2014 on the fifth anniversary of his older brother's death. The name Kourtney had the Reign in Mind, both for Mason and for Penelope, although the writing would have rain of bees for a girls name.

Kardashian West is the second son of Kris Jenner and Robert Kardashian. With 37 years, the socially medialist now has three kids with her almost four-year-old third man, the Rapper Kanye West. North' Nori' West is the first baby of Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West and was conceived on 15 June 2013.

Nori' Kim stated that it was rumors that North's name was North while she was with child that persuaded her and Kanye to name her after the rose card. Kim's northern gestation was widely publicized as her mom was still technologically still connected to Kris Humphries and it was Kim and Kanye's first gestation.

Kim and Kanye's second baby, Saint West, was conceived on 5 December 2015. Its name was betrayed two and a half day after its delivery over Kim's instagram and is said to have been described as a saint because of Kim's complicated gestation. In 2017-2018, Saint was admitted to hospital because the two-year-old was suffering from pulmonary infection.

Kim and Kanye's youngest child was conceived on January 15, 2018. Her first child, raised by surrogacy, and her second child, Chicago'Chi' West, are called after Kanye West's hometown. Baby Chicago's point countenance was down by Kylie Jenner's Baby Advance show when Chi's woman Kylie weighed her and Kim unchangeable the repute.

Khloe was born recently as the third kid and youngest of Robert Kardashian and Kris Jenner's daughters. The 33-year-old and her 26-year-old friend Tristan became pregnant last year after she fought for a pregnancy with her first man Lamar Odem in public. Sadly, Thomspon was charged with fraud in the pre-natal years.

This will be Tristan's second kid and Khloe's first. It is said that Khloé was born on 12 April 2018 after rumors of her spouse Thompson had been deceived for a few whole-day. Renamed after his dad, the first of Kris and Robert's sons and their last common children, 30-year-old Rob has a daugther with former fiance Blac Chyna.

By May 2016, after Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna had been together for five month and were committed to one, it was said that the couple were having their first baby together. Cyna has a kid from a former romance with rappers and exes of Rob's younger half-sister Kylie, Tyga. Traum was conceived on 10 November 2016 and her mother and father parted shortly afterwards.

This 22-year-old is Kris Jenner and Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner's first baby, the only one of Kris's kids who hasn't yet given notice of maternity or childbirth. Twenty-year-old, the last of Kris's kids and the second from Caitlyn and Kris's marriages, gave life to her baby last weekend.

Both she and her 25-year-old rappers friend, Travis Scott's first kid, are now in the family. Already in September 2017 rumors began that Kylie Jenner was expecting. Yet the smogul remained silent until Sunday evening, February 4, 2018, when she revealed that she had given life to a young, healthful baby a few weeks before.

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