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All you need for your baby

For the first few week, all you need is enough clothing to make sure your baby is hot and tidy. There is no indication that the use of detergents with organic ingredients or emollients will cause irritation to your baby's dermis. The baby must be sleeping in a place that is secure, hot and not too far from you.

Nannies are not designed to allow your baby to rest when you are not around because of the choking hazard. Do not use cushions and blankets - they are not secure for infants under one year of age because of the choking hazard. Blankets can also make your baby too warm.

Bed linen and blanket coats that are tightly under the shoulders of your baby or a baby's nap are secure for your baby to be asleep. The baby will be in a baby bed for many long hours, so make sure it is secure. Ensure that the bed lies close to the baby without leaving room for the baby's skull.

Poles must be flat and secure, and the spacing between poles should be no less than 25 mm (1 inch) and no more than 60 mm (2.5 inches) to prevent your baby's baby's scalp from hanging. Do never let anything with neckties, such as a bib or clothing, lie in the baby's bed as they may get entangled around your baby's throat.

Your baby's best place to rest is on his back in a crib in the same room as you have in the first 6 month. More information about safer living can be found under Reduction of the Risks of SIDS. They can also go to the Lullaby Trust website, which contains a lot of information about how to safely stay asleep.

Allow yourself some quality checking to see what there is to get around with your baby. Be sure to make sure to buy a stroller before you buy: Carrier seats - also known as lifting belts - are fastened with belts and your baby is transported in front of you. Because they' re near you and hot, most infants like to be worn that way.

Ensure that the back of the straps is high enough to prop up your baby's bow. Mature infants who can keep their brains up and whose back is strong - at the age of about 4 month - can be supported in straps that go on their backs. Visit the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) website for further guidance on the safe use of baby carriages and lifting belts.

Prams, also known as prams and baby carriages, are only suited for young infants if they have fully adjustable seating so that your baby can lay down lying on their back. Allow your baby to seat independently before using a different stroller model. Select a lightweight stroller when you lift it on a train or bus.

Pushchairs offer your baby plenty of room to rest and relax in comfort, but take up a great deal of room and are difficult to use on local transportation. Be sure to buy a stroller set at the same price as you may need it to secure your baby safely inside the stroller.

During the first few month your baby can be carried in the carrier bag and the baby bed can be fixed to the framework for going out. It is a carrier bag and a van (a wheelset) that can be transformed into a baby carriage when your baby grows out of the carrier bag. Tubs that go under the stroller or stroller can be very useful on the go.

When you have a goddamn automobile, you must have a baby carrier. The baby must always sit on its chair, even if you take it home from the infirmary. Carrying your baby in your arm in a truck is not legal and very risky. Best way for your baby to get around is a rear-facing rear-seat child safety chair or front driver safety chair unless it is equipped with an air bag.

Vehicle seats are fixed by an adults harness. Use the following tips to help ensure that your baby's auto seats are as secure as possible: Ensure that the vehicle seats are properly mounted. Putting a rear-facing child restraint on the front seat is unlawful and highly hazardous if your vehicle is equipped with an air bag.

In the ideal case you buy a new automobile seal. When you plan to get a second hand chair, only take one from a member of your household or boyfriend so that you can be sure that he was not in the middle of an injury. Do not buy one in a second-hand shop or through the classifieds. 04, or the new i-size R129 when you buy a auto-sit.

Further guidance on the selection and safe installation of baby seat can be found on the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) website on infant safety seat technology.

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