The best Baby Brands

Best baby brands

Big baby brands you may never have even seen... but you have to.

If you are looking for a new baby for the first time, it is simple to look at the big brands, the brands that are familiar and the first ones that come to your minds when you think about purchasing baby equipment. So, we have found some brands that are a little off the well-trodden paths you may have already been told about, but there will be some jewels that you can find.

You' ve introduced the first organically and chemically free bed to the market and you have a broad selection of baby and infant bed linen, ideal if you want an environmentally sound choice for your baby' s bed.

New series launched by Baby Brands Direct

This was an extraordinary kick-off for Baby Brands Direct, a leader in the wholesale of inspirational and high-quality baby brands. As well as having a great name in the sector for the development of high value soft toys, Paws International is an excellent cooperation tool.

Babyl Brands Direct is pleased to announce a line of branded toy products, consisting of licenced personalities such as Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Marvel Superheroes and The Muppets. You have no doubts that this new soft toy series will be very succesful and a great complement to their uniquely diverse line of extremely beloved soft toy and accessory series.

Now even the youngest Disney Princess enthusiasts can enjoy the magical worlds of Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White, Belle and Aurora with wonderful Disney Princess playthings. The new assortment also includes rucksacks made with a lot of know-how and guaranteeing to attract kids of all ages - a must for every dealer!


Make it UK, the country's most prestigious information resource for UK brands and manufacturers, has appointed us as one of the UK's best baby brands. Twenty other local businesses and we were introduced in a play that celebrates everything UK in the baby clothes industry. The Bloomsbury cloak in English Rose Pink was the item that was in the mail - and it has become a kind of stamp-signing.

The first offer for our W17 is already sell out three week after the sales, with the little pink number traveling to the happy little girl in Europe, USA and Australia.

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