The best Baby Items

Best baby products

These awards have taken us a step further by finding, evaluating and awarding the best: Seats and baby carriers/wraps. You need a healthy, varied and balanced diet to thrive and grow. This section provides information on how best to achieve this.

Combination of foods for a healthy diet

To be served with every dish and offered as a snack. Cereals and/or sandwiches, as well as sandwiches or toasts. lunches and dinners - potatos, fried fish, noodles, courgettes, sandwiches, yams or bananas. Refreshments - Brot, Brotstangen, Reiskuchen oder Cracker, other flour-based food such as Pannkuchen, Teebrot und incones.

Serving with every food will teach your infant that it is a regular part of every food. Serving fruits for breakfasts and at least one veggie and one veggie for lunches and dinners. Lead by example by consuming your own fruits and veg. Slice, dice or chop uncooked fruits and greens, as infants find them much harder to find than a large whole one.

Infants often like the taste of stirred, sautéed, roasted meat or vegetable that has been cooked rather than toasted. Served three meals a day. Thank you. Infants need less breast milk per bottle than infants and you should be careful to change your bottle for a cup and mug by your child's first birth date. One portion of whole milkpudding or other milkpudding.

One portion of a meal in a creamy white cheesy dressing, such as makaroni cheeses. A few infants may be able to resume breastfeeding. Served once or twice a day for non-growers and two or three days for veggies. You should always eat a vitamin-rich C-food with your vegetable meal to guarantee a good intake of ions.

The majority of infants like to eat soft pieces of meats such as hen, mince, sausages, pâté or slow toast. Serving oil fried seafood such as jacks, smoked fillets of cod, smoked ham and anchovies in seafood or seafood pies up to twice a weeks for females and four weeks for males. Among the foodstuffs with a high content of vitamins and minerals are tomatoes, paprika, citrus and kiwis, pineapples and juice with a high content of vitamins and minerals. Leave something with, but not in place of, the other groups of foodstuffs every single passing day. Try to avoid the use of vitamins and minerals in your nutrition.

Sometimes add cakes, cookies or icecream with fruits as a custard. From time to time allow candy, choc and candy as part of a custard. However, too much sugar can damage your child's natural tooth structure. Drink sweet beverages diluted and served in goblets or mugs, not bottled, to minimize the chance of tooth caries.

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