The Children's Boutique

Childrens boutique

Children's boutique Coco - Shopping Design boutique in Cheltenham that offers clothes and accessoires for preterm babies up to 16 years. Everyman is the Gloucestershire Theater - and serves the shire (and beyond)....

. Wellcome to Cheltenham Playhouse Theater, an informal fellowship theater in a Regency.... We are a living Angelic faith that celebrates living in the center of Cheltenham........

Cheltenham's rabbit and Minotaur statue are on the promenade, outside.... The Cineworld Cheltenham is an 11-part movie theater in the brewery building area. The Cheltenham Town Hall is home to Cheltenham's stunning year-round program of..... Neptune Fountain in Cheltenham is definitely a year round destination; whether or not there is running river.....

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Interviewee with the on-line Boutique Unternehmerin Alexandra de Faucigny

Are you in favour of your own particular taste? Learn how Alexandra de Faucigny used her double motherhood holiday to open the first UK member boutique for kids' clothing in France. Mm-hmm. I got my degree from a franc buisness college. How did you get the notion of starting Tendre Deal? Together with my first daugther I found out about the wide range of kids' toys and accessories in London.

Inspired by the children's fair and because it allowed me to get close to my kids, I realized that it was my way. How did you get from the initial concept to the first few stages? When I was a marketing man and aware of the importance of the trademark, I thought for a long while about a name that would reflect the bicultural nature of my company.

At Playtime, the International Children's and Maternity Fair, I saw more than 200 brand names in France. Ninety percent of these stamps were willing to join me in my work. Returning to the UK, I started my own blogs to communicate about the brand I was going to sell in France.

How does Tendre Deal look different? The Tendre Deal is not a conventional on-line shop. It is the first member-only boutique in the UK aimed at children aged 0-12 and young designer from France. You' ll find new labels every month for clothes, games, accessories and small decorative items. This boutique is for members only.

Participation is FREE and gives you free entry to these great kids labels and specials. However, they must be fast, as the sale will take a peak of one weeks and the quantity of available items is restricted. Members also get great rebates - up to 70% of the EIA - and explore amazing brand names in France.

The Tendre Deal Boutique is linked to the Tendre Deal Blog, where I present the names of the brand I work with in France, what makes them different and what leaves the dialog with my clients open. Thirteen years ago, in France developed a new way of doing business on-line. You were a pioneer in the modeling of selling events on-line.

It offered them the opportunity to explore luxurious design items at an accessible cost. They could market their existing collection for the brand, reducing their stock and promoting their brand at the same as well. In deep fall in love both with the look and feel, the qualities of francophone brand names and in the knowledge that they are sometimes a little more costly in the UK, I thought that organizing selling sessions on a member site (also known as a personal selling site) was a great way to get British homes to explore new francophone brand names without having to pay the full cost.

What is the best way to select the stamps you have in your warehouse? I do not hold stocks during the sale. Orders will be received on-line and the inventory will be ordered according to what has been purchased. That' s why the lead times are slightly longer than a conventional shop (maximum 15 days), but you get great rebates and items you won't find anywhere.

I' m just advertising kids' stamps in France with a narrative to tell. As an example, the brand could be organic, ethically impeccable, made in France, with special luxurious fabrics, toy designed for preterm infants.... they are singular and independant marks that you will not find on the main road. Mothers, fathers or grand parents who are looking for the best for their kids or grandkids.

Humans who want a product that they can keep and care for and even pass on from father to son. To enrich the buying experiences and give as much information as possible to my clients about the brand and the product I distribute, I created a blogs. Does your familiy back your company and how important do you think it is to have them?

Believing in my company, my familiy has seen the passions I have put into it. What is your premonition for Tendre Deal? Tendre Deal should become the UK on-line promotion site for children in France, and one of these days I would like to be known as the British Children in France brand ambassador.

How do you advise other mothers who want to set up a company? They can find out more about Tendre Deal and the brand they run on their website and blogs. Boost your advances in your careers, your businesses and your lives.

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