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One Baby Carrier - an ergonomically bestseller Purchase the Baby Carrier One or OneAir now and receive a free bib for the Baby Carrier One. Your ad campaigns are triggered when you put the item in the shopping cart. The Baby Carrier One is a smooth and ergonomically designed baby carrier series that makes it simple to give your baby the important proximity that will strengthen your parent-child relationship from the very first moment.

You can see and sense that the back of your baby is in a C-curve with the back in a naturally positioned way. Now the One baby carrier is soft, versatile and has some new functions. The Baby Carrier One makes it simple and secure for you to change between different baby carriers front and rear.

Sizes, seating surface and headrest are continuously variable, so that the baby carriers can be adjusted to the growth of your baby and its needs and can be adjusted to different baby carriers. Select whether you want to transport your baby at two heights, outwards or on your back.

The Baby Carrier One has two heights. You wanted your baby so near you could give him a little bit of a hug. The headrest can also be kept folded out when your baby is older and rests or sleeps in the baby carriers. It can be opened and closed simply and the strength of the prop can be adjusted.

If your baby is seated face down, you can simply swing the entire baby sling from front to back. A baby carriers seat is designed to keep your baby safe and protected while you place it on its back. International Institute of Plastic surgery International Institute tests Baby Carrier One and confirms that it is "hip healthy".

The Baby Carrier seats from Babybjörn are simple to use and keep your baby in an erect posture that provides free airways, free motion for your baby's feet and hands, and good supports for your baby's back and throat. All so that you always look confident and comfortable when carrying your baby in a Baby Carrier from Babycare.

How does the new Baby Carrier One differ from earlier releases? It is more elastic and lets you see and touch that you are wearing your baby in a normal posture, with your back in a cam. You can adjust the width of the infinitely variable seating surface to fit your baby very well.

Its headrest is higher so that it provides more comfort and supports a baby as well as an older baby who has slept in the sling. It' a new look that looks more like a big smooth embrace for you and your baby.

Now the baby sling is even more versatile, so you and your baby can move even nearer together. and it' unbelievable. I found out when he was very young that softwraps worked a little better, but now he's 3 month old and it's great!

It' s smooth and breathing and the front panel clips are so simple to use that I like it! It' s fantastic that there are different altitudes in a vehicle for different age groups and that you have the opportunity to take all the different roles! Thank you, Baby Bjorne!!!!

Thus the carrying system one is so simple to operate with several different carrying position, absolute perfectly. Björn one Air for our first baby a few month ago. Since our youngster was big enough, I immediately began with the porter. And the mash pattern is beautiful and breezy to keep the baby from sweating.

What is probably the only bad thing - the way to put it on is not quite simple. This is a great baby for my 2 months old baby.

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