Things I need for my first Baby

I need for my first baby.

Eighteen things nobody ever told you you had a baby in the early '20s. The first baby at the age of 29. Although what no one is telling you while you are waddling to date 102010324 to see your Midwife or your physician is how your lives will be changed drastically when you are confronted with the upsetting of a minute people. I never really understood when new mom and dad only published baby pictures on Instagram and Facebook Pre-Baby.

Unlike my other boyfriends in the'20s, I don't have the amount of free cash or enough spare tire to buy the fitness studio. You want to give your baby everything - whether it is a playmat on which he spends 10% of his free hours or baby slippers that he never wears. Now, a whole week after my baby was born, I recall the pressures of quickly loosing babyweights.

4 month after the birth of my baby, I am still with whole-body stretchmarks, overweight that doesn't want to move, and no, I still don't get into my denim before my baby gets pregnant. While I used to be envious of seeing my boyfriends in a swimsuit enjoy their last vacation, now I fully accept my tracks (my combat scars)... a memory of my baby carrying my torso for nine month.

None of my boyfriends have kids - they are all at a point in their life when they climb the professional ladder, so when I go to my week-long Post-Natal Philates course, most of the times I just want to say, "Please be my boyfriend! I then turn to my baby, laugh in hysterics on her playmat and think: "Well, I have to do something right".

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