Things I need for my Newborn Baby

I need for my newborn.

Before you send me the box, why not wait until my baby's born? To be a new mother can be the most lonely of all - as I found out. They not only have these outer influences, but there will also be hormonal changes affecting new and expectant women - especially with regard to psychological state. Maternity girls will be reading all about gestation, childbirth and childbirth, and when the baby comes, the baby's needs will be the main concern.

But the need to take care of oneself during this period is of utmost importance. You need your spirit and your physical condition cared for so you can take care of your baby. "Baby-blueing " often happens in young women - for some it may be a few weeks or just a brief magic trick - but for many it can turn into post-natal depressive.

Occupational healthcare providers will conduct periodic check-ups, but too often they have to selfdiagnose or conceal their real emotions for reasons of angst or incomprehension. One year after my baby was born, my healthcare professional said she was expecting me to go into deep sleep after this high.

and I had been through so much to get it. Alone, at home all morning, I was missing being appreciated and evaluated for my work - which now revolved around my baby. Solitude has struck me - to spend the whole afternoon speaking to a baby who can't speak back is taking its toll on many new mothers.

He need a diaper change? No. Antidepressants were given to me to take me to a quiet place and I should go home and spend my free moments with my baby. I really needed more help, more talking and a way to understand that what I felt was "normal" - but I just got some pills to "make everything better".

Since then, there has been a slight improvement in supporting mentally ill mothers - but in relation to awareness-raising we are still far from offering the assistance, caring and comprehension urgently needed for new mothers. Everybody should start learning at an early stage that our cerebral healthy needs just as much attention as our bodily healthy - and that it is not always the idyllic, beautiful scenery for which it was created.

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