Things needed for Newborn Baby List

Items needed for the newborn baby list

You are the ones who will unpack it to find things while you are busy elsewhere during your birth, or lying in bed with your newborn. Find out more about British laws, rear-facing and forward-facing car seats, safety advice and read our checklist for choosing a baby car seat. Do not bring a car seat for your baby until you are ready to go home.

As soon as your baby arrives.

With your baby arriving, we want you to have a good time to become a parents and build a good rapport with your baby. When you have your baby in the Home from Home maternity center and everything is uncomplicated, remain in the same room until you go home.

You and your baby will be put through their paces before you go home and our nurses will help you feed your baby. When your baby is hospitalized, you will usually be placed in the postnatal wards. You will be looked after by a midwife, nurse and doctor while you are on the wards.

If you or your baby have no extra needs, you are usually willing to go home within two working day. Contacting your baby as soon as possible after delivery is a great way to greet your baby. Keeps them warmed up and soothes them after giving birth. Mmm.

Continued skin-to-skin exposure in the day and week after your baby is a really good way to soothe and calm your baby. It is also very important to keep the baby nearby at nights. Breastfeeding your baby in crib can be very useful, but it is much more safe to put him or her to rest in a crib near the crib when breastfeeding is over.

For more information on "Reducing the risks of sudden infant death" and "Caring for your baby at night", see your release package. When you are breastfeeding or formula dieting, it is important that you know possible feed tips such as oral motions, agitation, sucking your hand and twisting in to your boobs.

The majority of infants will show you their diet instructions before they cry. It' often simpler to give your baby food if it shows these early nutritional tips. Find more useful tips on nutrition for your baby. Infants who need special nursing but are not in ICU are looked after by our Special Baby Unit (SCBU).

When your baby arrives very early or needs surgery, he or she will be taken to our Newborn Intensive Ward (NICU).

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