Things Required for Newborn

Necessary things for newborns

If you are expecting a baby, it can be overwhelming when you think of all the things a newborn needs. Prenatal and newborn visits. The following questions can be used during the newborn visit to gather more information and invite discussion: You' ll be happy to hear that there are really only a few "essential" things you need to have ready before your baby arrives. It depends on a number of things, such as whether they have other medical problems, and their family history.

Check your health: HeathCheck training: Medical history: neonatal consultation

The following quizzes can be used during the newborn infant consultation to collect more information and encourage discussion:

How do your other kids feel about the newborn? If you have any question about your baby's diet? Do you breastfeed your child often? Is your infant easy to hold and vacuum? Do you have any further information about the care of your babies? Everything ready for you to take your little girl home?

Did you know that back rest is the best bed for your newborn? Where' s your little girl gonna be when you get home?

Fly with a toddler | Airline Assistance

Every airplane has at least two lavatories with folding desks for diaper wrapping. Except for the limitations set out in the section on the vehicle restraint system, a private baby chair may be taken on board. Baby and toddler security seating may not be used on some of our air passengers seating for security reasons.

Children can be accommodated in a specially developed CRS ( KinderR├╝ckstraint Seat ) seat for use on the respective plane model and cabin category after advance booking. Below you will find a brief overview of some of the safety devices for children and the relevant section for further information. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our reservations office or our tour operators for further information and to let them know about your specific needs.

Please note that there is no need to warm or cool foods personally taken on boards for human consumption. However, the foods must not be heated or cooled. Due to hygienic conditions, it is not possible for our crews to warm or cool foods taken on board by our guests. Co-driver must be less than 24 month old during the entire trip.

In the event that the age of the children is two years before the date of departure, the children's tariffs, taxes, fees and fees will be those in force. Above mentioned terms and condition depend on the airplane model. Baby and toddler security seating / Baby restraint seating / CARES harness may not be used on some of our air passengers seating for security reasons.

Please do not hesitate to ask our reservation office for further information. A baby under 24 month must be traveling with an adult in the same cab. A child pass that travels without occupancy of a seating position must be bought. Adults do not all get a child pass rebate. When your purchase does not provide a rebate, the next higher rate for adults offering a child rebate will be used as the basis for calculating the rebate.

Children's tickets are governed by the tariff terms and tariffs. Please consult the Global contact Centre if the initial point of origin for your passenger is Hong Kong to verify the child tariff and make a reservation. Reservations can be made on-line or through the reservations office for those leaving from locations other than Hong Kong.

BSCT can be requested at the moment of booking if the customer is traveling with a newborn. It is possible to take a children's chair on aircraft provided the following conditions are met. From 1 January 2017, passengers traveling with a vehicle security chair must comply with the following standards:

The vehicle occupant shall be deemed to have an approved vehicle occupant for infants under 2 years of age: Infants/children aged 2 years and under 3 years. The protective fit must have the following characteristics: Backward directed security seating is also allowed if the use of such a seating does not affect the level of passenger comforts and interests.

Travellers must apply to our reservation offices for an allocated space. It is necessary to purchase a seperate front driver chair for the baby sitting on the vehicle's security chair. Babies/children seated in the vehicle's safe area must be escorted by a parents/guardians or a minimum 18 year old travelling partner seated in an adjoining co-driver's cabin.

Do not use children's seats. Baby and toddler occupant restraint system install requirements: Parents / travel companions are solely liable for following the assembly and use guidelines of the vehicle occupant restraint system manufacturers. It is also the parents/tour guide's duty to attach the vehicle's protective seats to the front passengers seats.

A vehicle restraint system shall fit safely on a front passenger seating position -- whether its lower part is a shell or a substructure, it shall not protrude unduly beyond the front seat. Because of the security regulations, some of our passengers are not allowed to use security seating. See the chart below and call our reservation offices or your local airline for the specific plane you are flying.

Because of the security regulations, baby /child vehicle seating may not be used on some of our airliners. Adult must buy a seperate toddler chair with the baby chair. Children are billed at the current rate, but there is no surcharge for renting the children's restraint chair.

It is available for babies and young adults who have attained 6 month of age but are under 3 years old, with a max reach of 100 cm (40 inches) and a max load of 20 kg (44 Ibs). A baby taking the seat must be escorted by a parent/legal guardian of at least 18 years of age, or a travelling guide.

Childrens restraint seats are available according to the "first come, first served" principle. Either his/her parents or guardians may only book one infant caravan per trip. Passengers with a confirmation of reservation of the children's restraint must finalise check-in at the international airports at least 90 min before take-off and at the gates at least 50 min before take-off.

For Economy classes, the adult must take a place next to the child restraint chair. Parents and guardians must be seated in front of or behind the child safety seats in Business Class. After installation, the child restraint cannot be leaned back or taken away from the child restraint chair until it lands.

Where you wish to use breastpumps while on the vessel, they may only be used after the cab operator has informed the passenger that electrical equipment can be turned on and until the seatbelt plate is turned on in order to prepare for disembarkation. Please be aware that for hygienic reason, our crews cannot reheat or cool baby formula or breastmilk that has been pumped out on the boat.

All foods or powdered dairy products that need to be refrigerated should be packaged in either a cooling pouch or a thermosple. Air travellers must inform air traffic control personnel that they are taking onto the aircraft when checking in. In case the heating of foodstuffs or milks during the flight is necessary, please ask our flight deck team for a tank with warm running tapwas.

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