Things to buy for your Newborn Baby

What you can buy for your newborn baby

You can find more information about buying a pram or stroller here: Buying unique baby gifts can look as if things are limited. Wonderfully unique, our Welcome to the World gift pack contains everything you need to start a new tradition. Check out our Blogger guide to the most important toys for each newborn. An enchanting newborn baby arrives and celebrates. How it feels when you tell your newborn he has Down's disease.

An incidental, but horrible comment, caused by little Henry with Down syndrome. Ellie, 35, an event organizer based in Kingston, London, was so amazed at the painful eruption that she was moved to cry. However, that was the first date in Asda that she had to face the complete hugeotry of down's.

Ellie and the IT manager's Tom's spouse, 34, didn't know Henry was going to be borne with Down's. Ellie says it wasn't diagnosed by the routine test on around 12 weeks into gestation - though even if it had been, Ellie says she and Tom wouldn't have finished. "A few cardiac abnormalities were found during our 20-week scanning, so we were checked regularly to keep an eye on them," says Ellie.

Henri arrives five week later in April 2013. "I' m very sorry to say we think your boy has Down's disease. That night, Tom went home and left Ellie alone with Henry for the first one. Down`s syndrome is the result of the existence of an additional Chromosome in the cell of a baby. However, most Down's disease infants are conceived by females under the age of 35 because younger females have a higher rate of infertility.

There is nothing that is done before or during gestation that can cause Down syndrome. We had some really bad messages that her 10th grandson had Down's. Ellie, however, wishes she had found out about her son's Down condition during her gestation. "Heny has made our life more rich, more full, and in many ways so much easier.

When you think back to the disturbing days in Asda almost five years ago, Ellie hopes she could have responded with all the beautiful things she learned about the birth of a Down syndrome baby. "Ellie sees Henry and just smiles at the thought of being anxious and sorry when everything he is is mainly a big hurricane of joy," says Ellie.

Today Henry is just as sweet as he was at the grocery store on that exciting night, and he is clever, fun and affectionate. He is a four year old who likes to pirate, swim and play Legoland. As Ellie and Tom try to take each year at once, they often dream of what Henry's futures might bring.

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