Things to get for a new Baby

What you can get for a new baby

Presents for new mothers So why don't you take a present that's just for her? Odds are that your baby has already been pampered by everyone - so if you're going to visit a new mother, why not take a present that's just for her? Finally, she has just given up trying to think of herself for the next 18 years or so - now is a good moment to pamper her.

A new mother will be happy to have a special life preserver that she can use anywhere in her diaper-pack - you can even use it on your wounded buttocks. If she finally finds enough spare man room to take a swim, she will really be spoiled with this wonderful bio pampering kit. Indeed, if you want to give her a really useful present, baby-sit her while she is actually taking a dip.

It also minimizes spillage from fatigue/weak infant limb. Whilst you may not be able to give your friend the much-needed present of sleeping, you can at least make the journey a little bit more easy. Mama Mio's sleeping easy kits are worth £57, but you can buy them for £45.

Embedded in a blend of peppermint and peppermint, this package contains Seap Easy Tummy Rubmy Butter, Seap Easy Pillow Spray and Seap Easy Bath and Shower Oil. Diaper changes, baby bathtubs and stuff. Lots of underwear. When she is able to keep the mantras "sleep when the baby sleeps" (quite unlikely, but you never know), it is likely that she will be sleeping at special hours of the morning.

Immediate smiles in the tubes - odds are that she won't be considering looking shiny for a few short months, so for the first good reason, make her really glamorous with this great Lipgloss. So, next and next times you succeed in stealing your buddy for a much needed girl nights out, hopefully you can put together a little survivor set for her.

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